Month: May 2010

Chie and Kayo!

These two beautiful ladies is Chie from VivatVeritas and Kayo from Crochetie, both of them are also Burdastyle members and both have etsy shops: Chie’s shop and Kayo’s shop. You should check them out because they make the cutest dresses and accessories! Anyway, I just met them today in Asakusabashi, it is another district in Tokyo with large selection of craft and bead stores. Some of the stores sell wholesale so the prices are quite cheap. We had lunch in an Indian restaurant before walking around the area. Then Kayo showed us several of her favorite shops there and at the end […]

Meeting Yoshimi

Do you recognize these bags? Yes, on the right side is my bag, and the pretty bag with rosettes is Yoshimi’s bag! They were sitting together side by side on a wooden bench inside an Indonesian restaurant in Shinjuku. Yoshimi and I spent a day together  last Saturday, it was a bit cold and cloudy day but I was very happy to see her! We’ve met several times before to go fabric shopping, this time we just had a good time walking around Shinjuku area. We planned to have lunch in a deli, but then Yoshimi mentioned about Indonesian restaurant […]

Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World

Mark Frauenfelder, the founder of and the editor in chief of Make magazine has just launched a new book yesterday: ‘Made by Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World‘. I had the chance to read an uncorrected proof before it was launched and it was quite an enjoyable experience. This is not the book if you’re looking for tutorials or DIY projects. It is rather a chronicle of Mark’s journey to find what DIY means to him. Like many people, he had this romantic idea of living in remote island, and he even had the chance to fulfill […]

Green dress: Fail!

Tara is one of the most popular Burdastyle pattern and yesterday I decided to give it a try. It is a top pattern, but as usual I lengthened it to make a dress. The green fabric is another vintage fabric from my mother, it is now pretty old and has a lot of little holes. As it is a traditional cloth from one of the area in Indonesia, the width and length were a bit unusual. I apologize that I can’t remember exactly what area it was from, there are really a lot of areas in Indonesia, each with their […]

Simple tops

One of the advantage of having a small body is that I only need small amount of fabric to make clothing. That way I can make use of those impulsive half-yard cut fabric shopping. These tops were whipped very quick today, the pattern is so simple, and only consisted of two pieces. The batik top is made with leftover fabric from my tie-front dress. It has side slits with the front and back hem in different lengths. The wide stripes one  is made with very comfortable double gauze cotton. The fabric is not enough to make the neck facings, so I […]

Checks pants

I miss my blog! It has been too long since I post about sewing and you might (or, uhm, you might not) wonder where I’ve been. Well, it’s just that real life sometimes got in the way of blogging life, that’s a sad fact. Or maybe I just didn’t try hard enough. So the last two weeks I had been busy with my little things, and now that they are finished, I can go back making stuff! I need something fast to sew that can make me happy again. And usually that thing is Sidra’s pants. Really, it’s my instant […]

Tagging game: Number 8

This is a picture that my husband took two years ago when Sidra and I were about to go to IKEA, a week after we arrived in Tokyo. We needed to buy some furniture because our apartment was a bit empty after my husband got rid of his ‘single’ furniture. You know, single couch, single bed, small TV, small bookshelves, etc. That was one of those moments where everything was reset to zero and started over. The apartment was empty and we were about to fill it with our stuff. My husband left his single life and started something new. […]

Golden week 2010

The end of April through around May 5th is called Golden Week in Japan since there are many public holidays during this period. We spent the holiday in the Okutama mountain area. Okutama is quite near to Tokyo, so instead of spending the nights, we made two one day trips there. My husband loves hiking and Sidra always has over-abundance energy that every seven year old seems to have. On the other hand, I’m not really built for this activity, I get tired easily especially when walking up the mountain. I didn’t even have the right outfit and was ready […]