Orange lace scarf

Orange lace scarf
The orange yarn was originally meant to be a knit hat, but I made mistakes with the stitches halfway and didn’t really know how to fix it. I think the yarn was not really a right choice for the hat anyway, so I unravel it and reclaimed the yarn for this crochet project.

This scarf was pretty quick to make, I started last night and finished it this morning. As only one skein of yarn is used, the scarf is pretty short, about 90 cm in length. I really like the pretty lace-like pattern, I’m thinking of making a longer one in different color.

Pattern is Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf by Khebhin Gibbons, found from Ravelry .

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  • Bizarre Quilter

    Oh I love your scarf. I must take a look for the pattern sometime.

  • chie

    wow this is so pretty! it makes me want to crochet too. where did you get the pattern?

  • Katie

    Oooooo! Love this, its beautiful. I’m definitely going to have to pass this pattern along to my sister and perhaps request one for myself :). Looks wonderful and the color is great!

  • EmilyKate

    Oooh, loveleeeee… that pattern is gorgeous, very baroque.
    I can see wearing a few of them at the same time in different colours…

  • Adelaide B

    This is super cute!