Denim dress

Denim dressThis dress uses the same denim as Sidra’s denim pants. I have about 3 meters of this denim, and even after the pants and this dress, there’s still about half a meter left.

I use JJ Bodice block from Burdastyle size 34 to make the upper part. The sleeves was drafted from an old book called Pattern Drafting vol. II, published by Kamakura-Shobo Publishing in 1970. I bought the book very cheap a couple of years ago in a secondhand bookshop. The lower parts were drawn on the fabrics without pattern.

As I always like the selvedge part of a fabric, I use them as ruffles on the center front of the dress. The opening of the dress is in the back by invisible zipper. I also added a pair of invisible pockets on the side seams.

Love it.

Denim dress

Denim dress

Bodice pattern is JJ’s Bodice Sloper/Block from Burdastyle.

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  • Thank you for this link. You are so talented! I love this dress. Wish I could find cute stuff like that in the stores!

  • vanessa

    i love your dress!! so cute..

  • Claudia

    wow, that’s beautiful!

  • Yasmina

    Hello, i think you’re really talented. I hope you are selling the clothes you make. I bet you could make loads of money from them. Very inspiring!

  • Antoinette

    What a cute dress! I never would have guessed you used JJ for this. I have a bunch of black denim and I am inspired!

  • Adelaide B

    All of your things are soooo lovely. I am happy to have found your blog.

  • Karencilla

    Oh my this is gorgeous, of course like all your creations. I wish I could have a lot of time to sew!

  • Christina

    Adorable! I love all of your work. It’s so creative and well constructed. =D

  • jennwhisper

    It is absolutely beautiful! found your blog via Burdastyle and I just love it!

  • chie

    i love it! so cute. great job in drafting the sleeves:)

  • verobirdie

    Really pretty.
    I like the idea of selvedge as ruffles.

  • KaOz

    I love this dress.
    It’s so cute and kind of sophisticated, too.