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more knitting

Yes, that’s the yellow yarn again. I call them my learning yarn. After I finished my first knitting project, I still have 4 skeins of them that I use for trying out stitches. Yoshimi has so kindly sent me a pack of JP10 double-pointed needles, so I am now learning to knit in the round. At first, it seemed so scary,tth there are needles everywhere! The few initial stitches are still wobbly, but I think the rest of it is okay. When it reaches a certain height, I will begin to learn knitting decrease stitches. Anyway, I’ve also finished sewing […]

Yellow Muffler

I finally finished my first knitting project, it’s a muffler for Sidra! Actually, I still didn’t know what I’m going to make when I began knitting the yellow yarn. I was thinking of making a long thin scarf for myself. But Sidra saw me playing with yarn and ‘chopsticks’, and after observing the yellow thing dangling on the stick, he declared that whatever it was, it would be his. Okay then. The completed muffler measured about 10×53 cm and it’s entirely in knit stitches. I’m still trying to get the hang of purl stitches (and other stitches). I managed to […]

One Rookie Knitter

I’ve never, ever, learned to knit before. I’ve never even encountered a single knitting needles in my entire life. However, after residing in Japan for the last 7 months and witnessing so many knitted objects, clothing, and books around me, not to mention that knitted stuffs are very useful for autumn/winter, I started to get curious. After all, I need something that I can do outside the sewing room. I went out and acquired these things: 2 knitting books (one is very basic, and the other is my eye candy), some yellow yarn (I don’t what they are), and a […]