Dreaming of summer (Butterick 5601)

Butterick 5601 Butterick 5601


A couple of weeks ago I came home to a surprise package from Latvia in my mailbox with this bundle of three wonderful fabrics inside!

As it turned out, these fabrics are gift from lovely Iveta of Wonderosa. She wrote to me last month to offer me a present, any kind of fabric from her etsy shop, Scandinavian Textiles. Thank you so much dear Iveta!

I’ve fallen in love with one particular fabric. It is medium weight cotton fabric by Svanefors Textil, a Swedish company who makes home decor fabric in wonderful design. However, I don’t want to make a pillow case or curtain with my Svanefors, I want a summer dress! You can see that I’m so rebellious.

Butterick 5601

The pattern was already set the moment I saw the fabric, it is Butterick 5601. From the pattern envelope: “Close-fitting, straight, above mid-knee dresses A, B have lined yoke, bodice and back zipper. A: back self-fabric loop and button at neck. B: back straps worn twisted and buttoned on inside of yoke. Topstitch trim.” 

I made view A in size 6 on bust tapered to 8 on waist and hip. Didn’t bother to make a muslin, my alteration was only swayback adjustment on the bodice back and skirt back. The pattern already has petite lines for height adjustment so I just followed them and it came out perfectly. I hope that more pattern has petite adjustments.

Later in the fitting session, I shortened the straps about 2 cm. The pattern instruction only suggested to line the bodice but I lined the whole dress as it is more comfortable for me. The seam allowances on the waist of the dress is tacked to the waist seam allowances of the lining. I also moved the button placement in the back deeper to prevent gaping.

Other little details that I added are a couple of bra straps holder and thread chains connecting the skirt to the lining at the side seams. The bra straps holder will prevent my bra straps from peeking out and the thread chains will prevent the skirt lining from twisting inside. These are just tiny details that will make your life more comfortable.

The dress was quite enjoyable to sew and I finished it in one afternoon. Too bad it is not summer yet!

Butterick 5601 Butterick 5601 Butterick 5601 Butterick 5601

Butterick 5601 Butterick 5601

Butterick 5601 Butterick 5601

Pattern is Butterick 5601, size 6 on bust tapered to 8 on waist and hip.

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