Yet another floral bra

Cotton bra with lace trim
Cotton bra with lace trim
One shoulder dress
One shoulder dress

I’ve been cutting up my old clothing again! Here’s another dress that I made last year but I’ve rarely worn since. I guess I have problem with showing bare shoulder….

I cut it up to make another non-stretch bra. This time I added a trim along the bustline, made with white stretch lace. The pattern is my usual one, Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 in size 30B with the same alteration as the previous non-stretch bra. I didn’t line the lower cup this time, but topstitch the seam allowances and trim them close to the seamline. This is the suggested way as in the Pin-Up Girls instruction. The red notions are bought as a kit from Merckwaerdigh at Etsy.

This is a pretty pretty bra that are not suitable to wear under close fitting clothing because of the ruffled lace. But sometimes I want to have a pretty bra like this but don’t want to spend money on something that I don’t wear often. So it is nice that I am able to make them myself. What a perfect excuse!

P1210573.JPG I’ve used some of the red elastics for other projects, so the panties aren’t finished yet because I ran out of the elastics. Very annoying, I should have planned it better.

There were several questions about the fit of these bras, so here’s a picture of me wearing them. I hope it can show how they fit me. You can (probably) see that there are wrinkles around the seamline, which is caused by the non-stretch material. Sorry if the picture is all blurred out! (^_^;)

Cotton bra with lace trim Cotton bra with lace trim

Bra pattern is Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 from ElingerieA

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  • Wow!! this is so gorgeous!!!

  • Hello Novita,

    May I know how you buy your pattern ? Do they ship internationally ?
    I really want to make my own lingerie, can you share some good resources to make lingerie ?

    • verypurpleperson

      In my post I’ve mentioned that I bought the pattern from elingeria with a link to the store. You can click the link to get more info. They also have supplies.
      I bought supplies from elingeria and Merckwaerdigh at Etsy (there’s also a link to the store as well). Thank you!

  • Bonsoir Novita,
    J’adore ton blog!
    Tu es douée pour la couture!
    Ta lingerie est super craquante!
    Magnifique travail!
    Bonne continuation Novita

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! ^_^

  • such a wonderful piece! the lace is in the right place and it makes it irresistible!

  • Jos

    Such a big difference, the red or the blue picot elastic! Love this one as well.

  • Really enjoying your bra posts, Novita! They’re encouraging me to pluck up the courage and start making myself some pretty lingerie, in fact, I’ve even been thinking about buying a corset kit so I can try out other techniques too!

  • What a pretty bra! Was it easy to make, do you think a novice can tackle this project?

    • verypurpleperson

      The instructions for the Pin-Up Girls pattern are great. I think a novice can handle it 🙂

  • Looks like you are having a lot of fun sewing these bras! They are lovely to look at.

  • OMG you are like a factory :). It’s very very pretty. It makes me wanna try sewing some lingerie. Gosh, I’m so lazy – I can sew, I really do, but I rarelly leave my comfort zone which is making dresses. Maybe I should buy a better sewing machine and dive into sewing some bras???

    • verypurpleperson

      Sewing bra only need straight, zigzag and 3 step zigzag stitches. I think most modern sewing machines have that, unless your sewing machine now is industrial or vintage. And it’s very light sewing too, that’s why I like it 🙂