Making reversible bag

Reversible bag

Bag dimensions in approximate:

  • from top of straps to bottom of bag: 50 cm / 20 inches
  • height: 28 cm / 11 inches
  • width: 40 cm / 16 inches

Fabric needed:

I don’t know because I used leftover fabric for my bag. You can print the pattern and place it on your fabric to make an approximation. It is only one piece of pattern.

Fort similar bag, you can check Charlie bag by Burdastyle ($1.99). It is a bit bigger and has squared bottom.

Please go to the bottom of this post to download the PDF pattern and tutorial.

Disclaimer: You may use the finished products for both personal and commercial use (craft shops or markets only – no mass production). Please do not pass off the pattern and tutorial as your own. Thank you!

The Tutorial

1. Here is 4 pieces of fabrics after being cut. We’re gonna refer them as set A and set B. If you want pockets, sew them before going to the next step.
Making reversible bag

2. Sew the bottom and sides of each set. My bag has a rounded bottom and a dart, Charlie bag has straight edges.

If you use my pattern, sew the darts before sewing the bottom and sides of bag. My apology for not showing how to sew the darts, please do a google search if you don’t know.
Making reversible bag

3. Put set B in set A, right sides together, and sew around the straps. Stop stitching about 20 cm before the tops of the straps. If your machine has reverse stitch, use it on each end of stitchings to secure it.
Making reversible bag

4. Clip rounded corners.
Making reversible bag

5. Turn the right sides out through one of the straps. It will be a bit difficult at first and you’re gonna wonder if you’re doing it right, but just keep doing it. You will feel a thug and after that the bag will turn right sides out smoothly.
Making reversible bag Making reversible bag

Pull out each of the remaining straps.
Making reversible bag

6. Look! You almost have a bag!
Making reversible bag

7. Sew the straps of each set together. I often sew the straps absent-mindedly and then found out that I’ve attached them wrong! So please make sure that you sew each strap to the strap beside it, NOT the strap that is in front of it.
Making reversible bag Making reversible bag

8. Press the seams open. Fold seam allowances on straps and press. Also press edges of bag to make it easier for topstitching.
Making reversible bag Making reversible bag

9. Match the tops seams together and pin all open edges of straps. You can also use fusible tapes to make sure it is neat. But I will use pins here.
Making reversible bag

10. Topstitch all edges of bag. I use different colour thread for the bobbin.
Making reversible bag A reversible bag!

A reversible bag!
A reversible bag! A reversible bag!

Thank you for reading and I hope this post is useful for you!

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  • India12

    Hi i love this bag. Only problem is i dont really understand the instructions.(im 14)I would like to make a bag with long handles so that when i put it on my shoulders it the bottom will reach my knees. How much fabric do you think i’d need as you havent mentioned any amounts (bearing in mind the actual bag would need to fit a lunch box and folder ect)If you get back to me and help it would be much appricated
    thanks x

  • The bag looks cute! Great tutorial too. Hope you don’t mind that I linked to your page from mine 🙂

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    Thank you for the tutorial!

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    just made this today, and LOVE it, already put all my bits and pieces in it, gonna make another with pockets now, really enjoyed following the pattern, so clear that even i understood it, lol.

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    I have just tried this- fab bag- lovely size and shape with the darts. I will be making another!

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    Este tutorial es perfecto! justo lo q buscaba, dificilmente se encuentra algo tan explicado, muchas gracias 😀

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    I Love the directions they are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are so straight forward and easy! 🙂

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    I’m a novice, I don’t understand how to put the handles together….

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  • Yolanda

    The bag is just beautiful and I would love to make one. I may be the only one that does not understand how to follow the instructions, so here is my question
    In step number 1. Do you sew each piece of the same fabric right sides facing each other? or one piece of each set (one blue with one orange/brown) right sides facing each other?
    Once I get this step right, I think I will be able to understand the rest of the steps to follow. I am sorry to be such a beginner, but I have no 3d vision when it comes to these things, and a litte bit of help would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you so much for sharing the pattern and the tutorial!!!!!!!!!

    • verypurpleperson

      Hi Yolanda, it’s the same fabric.

  • Bec

    thanks so much…Love it!

    I had a go at one myself…

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    I just love this pattern. I am very happy that it is for free, I think it’s silly you have to buy so much. So thanks a whole lot for sharing!! 😀

    It worked perfectly for me though I must admit I had some troubles putting it together but actually it isn’t that hard after all. I was making too much trouble. :p

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