Fabric button necklaces

Fabric button necklace Fabric button necklace
I always love colourful and big necklaces. So I got an idea of a simple necklace with big fabric-covered button as the pendant. It’s not a new idea actually, there’s already a lot of button accessories everywhere, but I love making them. I think it’s a good way of using fabric scraps that are too pretty to throw away.

The pendants are made with Japanese kimono fabrics, the colours are so vibrant and they have some kind of coated sheen over it. I use vintage necklaces for the chain. The necklaces are pretty short, so I use two necklaces and connect them together.

I’ve made a series of pictures to show how I made the necklaces. It is not really a tutorial, as it is very easy and simple. I think it is more like sharing ideas on making stuff.

How I made the necklace:

Making fabric button necklace

  • fabric-covered buttons kit.
  • scrap of fabric for front of pendant.
  • scrap of fabric for back of pendant.
  • fabric scissors and fabric marker.
  • modpodge or its alternative. I use ‘Decoupeur’s Aqua Podge’ from Japan. You can also use thinned down PVA glue.
  • small brush to use with the podge.
  • silicone glue, i.e: E600. I use a Japanese brand.
  • pendant bail, jump rings, chain.
  • pliers.

Making fabric button necklace

There are several types of fabric-covered buttons. The one on the left is more expensive than the one on the right. I use the one on the right because the button shank can be removed.
Making fabric button necklace
The kit comes with a template. Cut the template and use it to cut the scrap fabric for the front of pendant. For the back of pendant, use the button as the template.
Making fabric button necklace
Place fabric on the kit and place button over it.
Making fabric button necklace
Push the button all the way down. Arrange the fold of fabrics around the button, making sure that there’s no overlapping folds.
Making fabric button necklace
Place the back of button and put the pusher over it. Push until the back of button clicks into place.
Making fabric button necklace
A fabric-covered button!
Making fabric button necklace
Use a plier to pull the button shank.
Making fabric button necklace
Using a small brush, cover the back of button with podge.
Making fabric button necklace
Put back fabric on the button and smooth over it. Leave to dry around an hour.

Making fabric button necklace

When it is dry, use the brush again to coat the fabric with podge. Don’t forget the edge of button where the fabric frays. The podge will dry clear.
Making fabric button necklace
There are many types of bail. I like these kind of bail tag, but since the back of button is not flat, I have to bend the bail a bit until it fits.

Making fabric button necklace
I use this plier to bend the bail.
Making fabric button necklace
Place a small bit of silicone glue on the bail.
Making fabric button necklace
Place the bail on the back of button, paying attention to the direction of your fabric pattern (if there’s any). Silicone glue is fast-drying and it will dry clear. Leave it to dry for several hours.
Making fabric button necklace
Put jump pring on the bail.
Making fabric button necklace
And a chain over the ring. I use chains from vintage necklaces. They are short, so I use two necklaces and put them together. You can also put clasp on the chain if you like.
Making fabric button necklace
A necklace!
Making fabric button necklace

Now make more!

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  • Daiane Maia

    Congratulations for your job
    I would like to know about fabric-covered buttons kit…Where do you bought?
    I’m really interest in this for making crafts.

    • Hi, I live in Japan and the kits are easily found here. Maybe you can try looking around etsy.com or ebay.

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  • Jamie

    Hey… where did you get the chains from? what is the actual length of the chains?

  • Hello, I love your fabric buttons. I wrote an article about it on my blog with a link to your page and only used 2 photos so I hope you don’t mind.
    I also have a question about “podge” what is it? I’m going to Japan this summer so I can buy some of the ingredients if I can’t find them in Paris.

    • Hi, podge is a water based sealer. You can find the brand Modpodge outside of Japan.

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  • I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial 🙂 I’m going to feature it on my Fabric Button Love post today!
    Consider me your newest follower!

  • Nakala

    Hi, just wondering – do you only put the podge of the back of the button or on the front as well? Thanks

  • Alison Franks

    Thank you, Very Purple Person! You’ve answered my own question about what I wanted to do with the backs of the buttons after I, too, cover them with kimono or other lovely fabric! See my vintage button necklaces on Japanese bias tape (no covered buttons pictured) at https://picasaweb.google.com/105148425797657603947/ButtonNecklaceSelections.

  • Fola

    Looks soo great and i cant wait to start making my own but its soo hard for me to find he pendant bail, all the ones on ebay etc are not like the type you used. Do you no another name for it please?

  • lou

    what a genius tutorial. thank you for sharing. i’ll be making myself a bunch of those.

  • Thanks for the tutorial. I love these colorful necklaces! I also love the chain color – so shinny and pretty! This is my kind of craft project. I like to collect creative and exotic necklaces and bracelets. One of my favorite bracelets is from my hometown, BKK Thailand. I bought that piece, though. Anyway, I’m going to try this out. I’ve done craft projects and posted on http://www.makemania.com Take a look at mine and feel free to promote your blog!