Maikeru Jakuson

Maikeru Jakuson
Sidra: Mama, when I grow up, I wanna be Maikeru Jakuson!
Mama: Oh? That’s good. Why do you wanna be like Michael Jakson?
Sidra: Because he’s a great dancer!

Sidra: Ma, which one is greater, Maikeru Jakuson or Obama?
Mama: Uh… well… they’re different. I don’t think we can compare them.
Sidra: What can Obama do?
Mama: Obama? Let’s see… what can he do? He’s smart, he’s the president of USA.
Sidra: Is that it? Can he dance?
Mama: Well, I don’t think he can dance.
Sidra: Then Maikeru Jakuson is the greater one!

Sidra: Ma, how many Maikeru Jakuson are there?
Mama: Huh? There’s only one of him. What do you mean?
Sidra: But why does he have different faces?
Mama: …

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