Apples dress

I think I’ve wanted too many things when I started sewing this colourful cotton fabric; pipings, collar, princess seam, ruffles. It ended looking like a toddler dress, and when I put it on, it looked so costumey. So it went back to the sewing room again.
I just chopped off the old bodice and made a new one. Fortunately I’m on the small side, so the scraps are enough for a whole new bodice. This time, I only played with a little pleats on the button area and use bindings to finish the neckline and armholes.
Apples dress
There. Now I’m happy.

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  • summesia again xD

    this is such a cute dress and you blog is so damn cool i wish i could sew ^-^

    sorry for stalking 😀 I`m from flickr (: