Dotty dress

Dotty dress

This is another fabric from nani IRO line by Naomi Ito, featuring colourful dots on grey background. I love the strips of colourful dots on the selvedge and random placement of the dots on the rest of the fabric. I use the selvedge on the V-neckline and the dress hem.

The pattern is from a Japanese pattern book, a loose dress with cute ruffled sleeves. Those Japanese pattern books are so cute, I just can’t stop making stuffs from them. I was feeling lazy, so I thought that the dress would be finished tomorrow, but it turned out that it was finished in only 4 hours. And I was still able to browse around the net, eating some chips, reading something and so on. Now I’m happy.

Pattern is from Stylish dress book.

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  • Hello!
    I am browsing your ‘old’ handmade dresses. ‘Old’ as in the older blog entries, hehe I can’t get enough of your blog. I am only sewed for my baby so far and always buy cloth in 1 yards of each print only. I want to venture into sewing a dress for myself. So may I ask, how much yardage do you usually need to buy for an adult dress?

    • verypurpleperson

      It really depends on your size, the style of the dress (gathered dress needs more than simple A-line dress), the length of the dress, the sleeve length, etc. If you use a commercial pattern, the yardage is usually stated there.
      I’m pretty small and often makes short dresses, so 1.5 m is usually enough for me. Sometimes I can make a simple dress from 1 m of fabric. But you need to look at what you’re going to make to determine the yardage.

  • Tesia

    This is really pretty