Boy’s summer jacket

After seeing me spending some time in front of the sewing machine and then came up with new clothes, it’s only natural that Sidra wants some handmade clothes too. I found a beautiful pattern book for kids in Kinokuniya, Shinjuku (an 8 floor bookstore, mind you), and chose a summer jacket.

But to go buying some new fabrics, I have to take Sidra with me since it’s already summer holiday. The problem is, Sidra is very prone to heatstroke because he sweats very little (I believe it’s a genetic condition from me). We just can’t go out when it’s too hot, otherwise our body temperatures will rise up too quickly.Anyway, I had to make use of what I had at home. Fortunately I have this 10 metres of cheap cotton fabric that I bought in Shinjuku. When I was in fashion school, we used to buy bulks of this fabrics and used them to make a ‘toile’ (French word) to test or develop a pattern.

The pockets are made from scraps of striped linen from a pair of new pants that I had to shorten. I sew a strip of plastic snap-ons and added a decorative plastic button on the front.

The jacket was fairly quick and easy to make, but I don’t really satisfied with the result. I think it’s a bit too fitted for a jacket. Next time, I’ll make a bigger pattern for him. But as you can see here, Sidra seems to really like it.

Pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys&girls.

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