Japan Quake Appeal Raffle winner

Thank you for all your participation in my raffle for Japan Quake Appeal!

I used random.org to choose a random winner today and the winner is: Marga!

Congratulations, Marga! I will contact your email shortly.

Please continue your support for the quake and tsunami victims. Here’s a link to Save The Children: Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief on GlobalGiving. Save the Children is providing disaster relief for children and families, including child-friendly spaces where kids can play and express their feelings about what they endured, under the supervision of caring, trained adults.

Japan Quake Appeal Raffle

I only have a pair of little hands that can offer small things. But many little hands will make bigger things.

Here’s a raffle, in cooperation with A Bit of This and a Bit of That, where you can make a donation and win this package of prizes!

For Japan Quake Appeal


  • a tote bag made with canvas in black with red apples pattern. Fully lined with linen, the straps are orange cotton webbing.
  • a matching wristlet zipper pouch, also fully lined with linen.
  • Fudge #4 (April issue), my favorite Japanese fashion magazine, inside your tote bag!
  • a handmade fabric covered button necklace with antiqued patina ball chain.
  • a surprise original watercolor drawing by my husband.
For Japan Quake Appeal

For Japan Quake Appeal

For Japan Quake Appeal

How to enter:

  • Go to GlobalGiving* and make a donation. The amount is up to you!
  • For donation in $, go to this LINK. For donation in £, go to this LINK. For help with online donation process, you can refer to this post at A Bit of This and a Bit of That.
  • If you’re in US, you can also text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10 (there is no receipt # for, please state in the comment that you’ve made the text donation).
  • Come back to this post and leave a comment with your receipt number. Make sure that you fill the email address (won’t be published) column properly so I can contact you if you win.
  • You may enter as many times as you like but each time you will need a new receipt number.
  • The raffle will be closed on Friday, March 25, 2011, at 9 am Tokyo Time (GMT+09), so please leave your comment before that time.
  • I will draw the winner randomly and contact the winner by email.

Check out A Bit of This and a Bit of That to find a list of bloggers all over the world who have joined this appeal. You can enter more auctions and raffles on other blogs, but please make separate donation for every raffle and auction.

*We are in no way affiliated with GlobalGiving, that’s just our chosen method of getting funds safely to the affected area.

EDIT: I need to ask you to please not leaving a comment if you don’t want to enter the raffle. Some people are confused on how to enter because many comments don’t have receipt number. It is also to make it easier to draw a random winner later. Hope you understand! m(_ _)m

The raffle is now closed. Thank you for all your donations!


Bye bye Baon-chan

Baon-chan, the pink elephant

Baon-chan, the pink elephant

Have you ever heard of a wonderful project called Softies for Mirabel?

The Mirabel Foundation is based in Melbourne, providing help to children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their parents drug addiction. Once a year, they collect handmade softies for the children so they can have a friend to snuggle down with. Before they were donated, the softies will be displayed for a week in the window of Meet me at Mike’s store. You can click the link above to read more about this wonderful project.

I have told Sidra several times that I was going to make something for this project, which he replied with somewhat disapproval grunts because Mama would be making toy that is not for him.

The fabric is very soft pink velour with leftover fabrics from Sidra’s jacket lining for inner ears and foot pads. The PDF elephant pattern is from my favorite pattern store, Funky Friends Factory, I’ve used patterns from this store before for this dinosaur and platypuses.

I think the elephant looks like cotton candy with ears and trunks! When Sidra saw it, he exclaimed that the elephant is so kawaii. He called it Baon-chan, because that’s how an elephant sounds like. “Ba-oooon!”

“I want. I want. I want. I want.” He began nagging me to give Baon-chan to him. I reminded Sidra again that Baon-chan was not for him, but he could play with her until she left on Monday. Sidra didn’t look happy at all with my decision.

I explained that Baon-chan’s will go to a child who doesn’t have as many toys as him. This lead to a never-ending session of Q&A: Why the other child doesn’t have toys? Can’t her/his mama make them toys? What happened to her/his mama and papa? Does she/he have DS Nintendo and Playstation like me? Why doesn’t she/he have them? Will she/he get more toys?


Baon-chan, the pink elephant Baon-shan

Bye bye Baon-chan

Bye bye Baon-chan

When he was told that the other child won’t probably get many toys, doesn’t play DS Nintendo and Playstation, doesn’t have their mama and papa around, and maybe even has one or both parents already gone, Sidra seemed perplexed by all the answers. I guess it is hard for a child in Sidra’s age to understand that the world is not as beautiful as it is for him now. He knows about unhappiness, but he can’t imagine that there are children with unhappiness beyond that he knows. That there are children who are very unhappy. And that one day, he will be unhappy too.

Sidra loves Baon-chan

Sidra loves Baon-chan

I know he still wanted Baon-chan, he was holding her the whole day. But he also knew that Baon-chan was for that other child, so he stopped nagging me about giving Baon-chan to him. Looking at him holding Baon-chan like that, it might be easier to just give the elephant to him and make another for the project.

But he can always get other toys (and more) later, and I hope he will understand this. I let Sidra said goodbye to Baon-chan this morning before he went to school. When he come back later, Baon-chan would be gone.

Bye bye Baon-chan, hope you will bring a little sunshine somewhere.