Batik tunic/dress

Batik purple dress
Sue me for sewing so much. I just can’t stop doing this. It just happened that I have another batik fabric that I brought from Jakarta, so I turned it into a tunic/dress. The pattern is from a Japanese book pattern, and I added a belt from the same fabric.

Happy with the result.
Pattern is from Stylish dress book.

Boy’s shirt

This is another top for Sidra that I made from toile fabric and scraps of kitchen cloth with some unfinished touch on the hems (or maybe I’m just too lazy)The shape and design is nice, but I’m still not too crazy about the whole result. Next time I’ll use real fabric. As usual, the boy seemed happy with the finished piece, but he claimed that he liked his summer jacket better.

Pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys&girls.

Boy’s yukata

Yukata Yukata
YukataSidra’s school will be having the annual summer festival next month, there will be dance, fireworks, and bonfire. Usually people go to summer festival wearing yukata, so I thought I’d make a yukata for Sidra to wear that day. I still have a piece of batik, a farewell gift from a friend, and it turned out to be a perfect yukata.I found the pattern in the internet (there are so many free patterns out there in the net!). The yukata patterns were a bit different from ordinary patterns, so I had fun finding out the way. But batik cotton is very easy to handle, sewing it was a breeze. I finished it in about 4 hours.

Sidra loves it so much that he wore them to sleep.

Pattern is from nani IRO’s website here.

Boy’s summer jacket

After seeing me spending some time in front of the sewing machine and then came up with new clothes, it’s only natural that Sidra wants some handmade clothes too. I found a beautiful pattern book for kids in Kinokuniya, Shinjuku (an 8 floor bookstore, mind you), and chose a summer jacket.

But to go buying some new fabrics, I have to take Sidra with me since it’s already summer holiday. The problem is, Sidra is very prone to heatstroke because he sweats very little (I believe it’s a genetic condition from me). We just can’t go out when it’s too hot, otherwise our body temperatures will rise up too quickly.Anyway, I had to make use of what I had at home. Fortunately I have this 10 metres of cheap cotton fabric that I bought in Shinjuku. When I was in fashion school, we used to buy bulks of this fabrics and used them to make a ‘toile’ (French word) to test or develop a pattern.

The pockets are made from scraps of striped linen from a pair of new pants that I had to shorten. I sew a strip of plastic snap-ons and added a decorative plastic button on the front.

The jacket was fairly quick and easy to make, but I don’t really satisfied with the result. I think it’s a bit too fitted for a jacket. Next time, I’ll make a bigger pattern for him. But as you can see here, Sidra seems to really like it.

Pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys&girls.

Purple dress

There’s yet another wall hanging fabric in purple, perfect for another summer dress. These fabrics were very comfortable, made of natural fibers, with interesting faded colors due to dust and sunlight from being hung on the wall.

I chose a pattern from the pattern book I bought the other day. It was simpler than the previous dress, but turned out a bit more complicated in the making because I used binding to finish the armholes and necklines. I added a line of thin lace that I bought inYuzawaya to the neckline.

Worn the next day for a lunch in Yoyogi and watching Ponyo‘s first day at Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills in the afternoon.

Pattern is from Lisetteリネンの服作り.

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