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Japan Quake Appeal Raffle winner

Thank you for all your participation in my raffle for Japan Quake Appeal! I used random.org to choose a random winner today and the winner is: Marga! Congratulations, Marga! I will contact your email shortly. Please continue your support for the quake and tsunami victims. Here’s a link to Save The Children: Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief on GlobalGiving. Save the Children is providing disaster relief for children and families, including child-friendly spaces where kids can play and express their feelings about what they endured, under the supervision of caring, trained adults.

Japan Quake Appeal Auction: Jigoku (Hell)

We had three days weekend because of Spring Equinox holiday. Sidra wasn’t feeling well and we were still really not in the mood for going out too much, so we spent the weekend doing things at home. My husband spent time by finishing his watercolor drawing for the raffle. It depicts a bunny in the process of standing up again after falling. This is his blurbs: “May the good karma flows abundantly to those who do, or at least try to do, nice things to others. I don’t even know what karma is. I just think that it is nice if nice […]

Getting back into track

Most of the blackout schedule had been cancelled because people has helped by conserving the use of electricity. But we finally had our first blackout last week. We put on candles and Sidra played with the flashlight, making funny faces. Then we rolled out the monopoly board and had a game. Sidra only complained that he couldn’t see the rice when we ate dinner, but he concluded that ‘blackout is fun’, and started to ask when we will have blackout again (-_-;) This week felt like the longest week in my life, something that was shared by many people here. […]

Japan Quake Appeal Raffle

I only have a pair of little hands that can offer small things. But many little hands will make bigger things. Here’s a raffle, in cooperation with A Bit of This and a Bit of That, where you can make a donation and win this package of prizes! a tote bag made with canvas in black with red apples pattern. Fully lined with linen, the straps are orange cotton webbing. a matching wristlet zipper pouch, also fully lined with linen. Fudge #4 (April issue), my favorite Japanese fashion magazine, inside your tote bag! a handmade fabric covered button necklace with antiqued patina ball […]

Four days after the quake

Thank you so much for all your messages and comments! I’m sorry that I can’t reply to every messages so please accept our deepest gratitude! We are still here in Tokyo. My husband hasn’t gone to the office because of limited train schedule but his job allow him to work from home. Stores are started to run out of food now because people are buying more than what they usually need. The sights of empty stores shelves, not to mention the dimmed light to save electricity, has caused more panic buying. This is bad for people in the disaster area where […]

He’s home!

After FIVE hours walking nonstop, one train trip, and 15 minutes biking from our station, my husband is finally home! Red eyes, blisters on the heels, freezing ears and all, but we’re together at last! I feel like I’m going to cry now T_T He said that there were a lot of people walking home with him, some were even running. Here’s a few pictures that he took before his iPhone battery died. These are people stranded in Shinjuku station, they were watching news from the big television. My husband’s office was trashed and there were cracks on the wall. We […]

Earthquake today

A quick news. A big earthquake happened around 3 pm today. I was really scared because I’ve never experienced earthquake that big before. Books were falling off the shelves and the building was shaking. Several aftershocks was coming afterwards. I went to school to pick Sidra up, the kids were already out in the schoolyard wearing bosaizukin (head protector). Several kids were crying. Sidra was frightened but he was okay. My husband was at the office when the quake happened. He left the office immediately and went home. The trains and buses have suspended operation so he walked home from […]