An apron, another bag, and a pinch pouch

IKEA apron

A few days ago, I joined a cooking class in the neighbourhood. And just a day before the class, my friend told me that I had to bring an apron. I guess it wasn’t too unusual since almost every housewife in Japan has an apron that they wear everyday.

Well, I do some cooking at home and had thought about using an apron, but somehow always postponed making it. I immediately turned to my scrap bag and found that I still had some leftover from my IKEA bags. This one was just enough for a small apron without pockets. Maybe I have to search deeper for more scraps. Anyway, it was a quick project, I drew the pattern straight on the fabric, cut it, and sewed some black twill tape.

Blackbirds bagWhile I’m at it, suddenly I wanted to make another bag. As if I haven’t made enough bags already! This is another Charlie bag, I made it a bit smaller and put some pockets and magnetic closure on the inside. The round patches are from a piece of furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth), a gift from buying a bottle of tea. I left the edges raw and only sewed several lines of straight stitches around them. The handles of the bag are also left raw and finished with zigzag stitches.
Blackbirds bag

Then I made a pinch pouch for my sunglasses after reading this tutorial from The Small Object. It wasn’t too neat and I should have made it a bit wider, but at least now I know how to make it.
Sunglasses pinch pouch
Anyway, we made beef stroganoff, salad, and chocolate cake in the cooking class. They were yummy and I had my pretty apron to protect my clothes from the tomato sauce!Bag pattern is Charlie bag from Burdastyle (with little modifications).

Apron and bandanna set

Apron and bandanna set
Before leaving kindergarten and entering entering elementary school next April, Sidra and his classmates will cook lunch for the whole school next week. For this occasion, the kids have to wear apron and bandanna which have to be submitted to school by tomorrow.

I didn’t have the chance to buy fabrics because I still got the flu, so I pulled out some leftover from past projects and made this set. The fabric is dark denim (leftover from this dress) and some linen/cotton with red stripes on it (leftover from this bag).

Instead of using ties, the apron bands are attached by a pair of buttons on the side. I think it’ll be easier for Sidra to put it on by himself. The letters on the apron are made of red felt with adhesive backing. I print some letters on paper, attached them upside down to the backing of the red felt and cut it out. Then I peeled off the backing and just stick and iron the letters on the apron.

Apron and bandanna set

The bandanna doesn’t need to be tied either, I put some elastic to the band so Sidra can just slip it on. I also made a small bag in coordinating fabric to carry the apron and bandanna. As usual, Sidra wants his helmet beetles (kabuto-mushi) everywhere, so there’s one on the apron, one on the bandanna, and one on the bag.

For a leftovers project, I guess they turned out not bad at all.