Stylish Dress Book 2: D (uhm, sort of)

Red topRed topI think I got the winter blues. I haven’t made a single thing since New Year! My sewing room was too cold, and then I just couldn’t get myself to start a thing. Being uncreative made me restless. Has any of you experience the same thing? Or maybe I was just getting lazier T.T

This top was supposed to be an instant gratification to coax me back into making stuff. The fabric was from a local store that I just found not far from my house. There were various fabrics, buttons and trimmings, and non-sewing knick-knacks like cups and saucers in there. Everything was old and a bit dusty, the owners were a pair of old couple, and the other customer there was an old lady. I love this little store.

The red fabric that I bought there is a bit transparent with faint brown stripes pattern. I’m not quite sure about the material, it felt like cotton with polyester mix in it.

I use pattern D from ‘Stylish Dress Book’ 2 as a base pattern for the top. I shortened the length, added a chest pocket and played a bit with cutting the pattern for the front part.

Now, this is how pattern D looked in the Stylish Dress Book 2, big and roomy. And actually that was how my top look before I washed it. It has shrunken now and looks like an oversized T-shirt. Note to self: wash the fabric BEFORE cutting it.

Fortunately, I still like it. It’s the kind of thing that I might wear often, although not in this winter time. And I enjoyed sewing it, so hopefully I will make more things after this. Be patient, my sewing machine, Mama is warming you up.
Red top

Red top Red top

Sardine necklaceSee that sardine necklace? I got it from sacaclaques’ etsy store. She makes various insects and shrimps brooch and charms from stuffed leather. As a matter of fact, I just took a look again in the shop and saw this Ladybird spider brooch. Want! My sardine was actually a brooch too, but then I sewed a loop in its mouth and added a white chain. Now it’s my new favourite necklace! \(^.^)/

Pattern is D from Stylish Dress Book 3.

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