Dropped stitch scarf
I think Sidra needs another scarf since he only had one, so I knitted this short scarf last night. The pattern is based loosely on a scarf pattern in one of the knitting pattern books that Yoshimi has so kindly sent me (thank you so much, Yoshimi!). The books are in Japanese, but one of my favorite things to do about Japanese pattern books is figuring out the diagram. It feels like playing a puzzle game.

The original pattern calls for 21 cast-on stitches and the stitches are dropped every 5 stitches. But I only did 11 cast-on stitches and dropped every 3 stitches. The scarf is pretty short, about 120 cm in length, and it was knitted with this super chubby yarn and 8 mm needles, so it was a pretty quick project.

I love the chunky texture of the yarn and the added texture from the dropped stitches. Sidra is ecstatic about his new scarf, and now he demands a knitted dog. Okay then, now I have to do some research (=googling).

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