Snow day

We don’t usually have too much snow here in Tokyo, but today I woke up to 20 cm thick of snow on the doorstep! It is quite strange, I’m already feeling ready for spring and suddenly it is in the middle of winter again?! Anyway, everything looks beautiful covered in thick snow.

Also, a sneak peek of my recent finished project. I think it is perfect for spring!Zebra print Kasia

pictures from my Instagram 
//credits: Tape strips by Puglypixel.


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  • ohhhh, the snow does look soooo beautiful!!!

  • emily

    so jealous! we’ve only gotten about 7cm here in NJ all year! last year we had multiple blizzards but this year’s been incredibly mild.

  • Wow, it is so pretty! It is so funny that you are showing us pictures of snow and a skirt you’ve made for spring. It is such a big contrast. x

  • Yay, snow! We’ve barely had any here in NYC! It’s very strange! Love the look of the zebra skirt– can’t wait to see it!

  • What only a sneek preview of your finished project. We want to see it in all of it’s glory. The snow looks pretty buut yes am more than ready for spring.

  • WOW SNOW!!!! So beautiful. Wish we had snow in Australia 🙂