Merii Kurisumasu!

Merii Kurisumasu!
Merii Kurisumasu!

Merii Kurisumasu!

This year is the first time Sidra got presents for Christmas, and they were even properly wrapped and stacked under our mini Christmas tree! Of course all the presents are from me and my husband, as there are only the three of us in the family.

I bought small things like socks, slippers, and some Christmas cookies, and my husband bought Playstation game, Little Big Planet, and a red plastic wristwatch. He also made handmade gift cards to be used on Steam, an online game platform. Sidra’s card was worth $15, while my card is exclusively for Zuma game, because I’m obviously addicted to this this frog who shoots colorful marbles from its mouth.

To make it merrier, I bought another pair of socks and slippers for my husband, and a pair of leggings for myself. How sad is that, wrapping my own Christmas present? Har-har. As long as there are presents under the tree, it’s for the appearance’s sake, you know.

Fortunately, my husband had joined a Secret Santa game in an online community and his present arrived just in time for Christmas. And a day before Christmas, I got a real Christmas present! It was from carmenCitaB, one of my birthday giveaway winners! Thank you so much! Now we have more presents under the tree!

Sidra was very excited when he saw all the presents under the Christmas tree, since he usually only get presents on birthdays. I told him that he could open the presents on Christmas morning. Not opening presents immediately was a new thing for him, so it was a really hard thing to do! He kept tugging at the presents until I told him to leave them alone.

On Christmas morning, he woke up early and the first thing he said was “Yay purezento (presents)!” We took a picture in front of the Christmas tree with Sidra getting more impatient. Then he was allowed to tear up all the wrappings.

Presents! Happy

He was very excited with all his presents, even for the socks and slippers. He put on the wristwatch and slippers immediately and the whole day he kept saying “Thank you Mama for all the purezento, thank you Papa! Thank you for the game, thank you for the watch, I love the socks too! The slippers are so comfy!” In fact, this morning he woke my husband up with “Thank you for the purezento, Papa!” He’s still saying thank you until now, and I think it is so sweet that he seems so grateful with all the presents.

Handmade games gift card for Sidra
Handmade games gift card for Sidra
Handmade Zuma gift card untuk mama
Handmade Zuma gift card for me (untuk mama = for mama, Indonesian language)

I got a pair of luggage tags and crocheted Christmast ornament from carmenCitaB, and my husband got a pair of salt and pepper shakers from his Secret Santa. Our first Christmas presents!

A pair of salt Luggage tags and Christmas ornament

Papa My present

Christmas in Japan is not a national holiday, but it is very popular and celebrated mostly in commercial way with parties and presents. For most people, it has nothing to do with religion. You can see lots of Christmas images like trees, ornaments, presents, and Santa, but there are no sight of nativity scene in Christmas celebrations here. Since there are so many festivals and celebrations in Japan, Christmas is welcomed as just another reason to celebrate. It is the same way as how Halloween and Valentine’s day are adopted by the Japanese.

Our Christmas was such a nice experience and we’re sure going to do it again next year! I hope you all had a wonderful day too! Merii Kurisumasu! It’s how the Japanese say ‘Merry Christmas!’

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