More embroideries!

Embroider by request
Embroider by request

My husband continues his journey in embroidery! He began to ask me and Sidra for things to embroider, and Sidra, as a Mario Bros game big fan, immediately asked for an embroidery of Luigi. My husband made a quick sketch on the T-shirt and began to embroider the T-shirt, still using backstitches. He finished it in one day.

Look at the face of the happy customer! Now Sidra wants Mario in red on the other side of the T-shirt.

Luigi! Happy customer in hand-embroidered T-shirt by Papa!

After Luigi is finished, my husband wanted to learn other stitches. I taught him to use outline stitch using two strands of embroidery thread. He began to make a sketch of Kim Jong Il on his own T-shirt. That T-shirt was pretty old with holes scattered around and one clumsily patched shoulder, but my husband really loves it.

But, Kim Jong Il? Why?? I really had no idea. He’s a weird guy.

He said it Kim Jong Il on T-shirt

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