Golden week 2010

us The end of April through around May 5th is called Golden Week in Japan since there are many public holidays during this period. We spent the holiday in the Okutama mountain area. Okutama is quite near to Tokyo, so instead of spending the nights, we made two one day trips there.

My husband loves hiking and Sidra always has over-abundance energy that every seven year old seems to have. On the other hand, I’m not really built for this activity, I get tired easily especially when walking up the mountain. I didn’t even have the right outfit and was ready to put on my usual tights and dresses. But my husband talked me into buying this drawstring pants from Uniqlo. I know, I should’ve made it myself, but I wasn’t sure if I looked okay in it. When my husband and Sidra saw me wearing it in the dressing room, they looked at each other and exclaimed ‘Mama looks very pretty!’ to assure me. Well, okay then. I’m still not sure though.

Anyway, we had fun! We chose the easy path and went up the mountain by cable car and lifts (so lame!) and then we went walking down the mountain. Sidra really loved being in the mountain, running around the woods, and having lunch by the river. My calve muscles still feel tight right now, but we’re planning to do this activity more often. Maybe I’ll get stronger!

He likes it here the river springlunch by the river one two three we the temple Doggie likes to be tickledmaking their wishes in the woods into the woods big flower stairsa rest a chat Sidra in the woodswhere are we? make a wish they love the tree in the mountain

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