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Weekend, November

Last Saturday was observation day at Sidra’s school. My husband and I went to see teachers and students in class. There was also an art exhibition at the school hall, showing creations from all students: embroideries, sculptures, paintings. So lovely. pictures from my Instagram

Weekend, October

Not much sewing/crafting done lately, but here’s a bunch of silliness that can be usually spotted in any Madame Tussauds exhibition.     Madame Tussauds temporary exhibition at Decks Tokyo Beach Mall in Odaiba, run until January 4, 2012.

Sunny day at the park

Yesterday was a national holiday here in Japan. We went to Kichijoji to take a walk in the Inokashira park and play with guinea pigs in the small zoo. Guinea pigs = kawaii! (*_*)  What a lovely day!

Nice weekend

Yesterday was a national holiday, so we had three days weekend! Sidra was very happy about it, seeing him so happy reminds me of the school days when a one day off was very appreciated because it meant one day without homeworks and one more night of sleeping late. We went to Kayo‘s place on Saturday. I brought some Indonesian fried chicken that I have cooked meticulously… erm. Actually I’m not a good cook, so I used this magical sachet of instant spice paste to make the chicken. But they taste like homemade! On the other hand, Kayo has prepared […]

Sidra got caught by street style hunter in Harajuku

My husband had to work for a half day last Saturday, his office is not far from Harajuku area, so Sidra and me went along and we had a little walk by ourselves in Omotesando Hills. Suddenly there was a guy came to us and told me that he wanted to photograph Sidra for a street style section in a kid’s fashion magazine. I asked Sidra about it and he agreed, so we went with him to meet the photographer. Standing beside the photographer was a familiar face, it was the editor of Sesame magazine that we met last year […]

A picnic and new craft supplies

The sun is shining and the weather is perfect, so yesterday we went picnic to Shinjuku park and spent the whole day playing balls and lying around. On the way home, we stopped by Sekaido because my husband wanted to buy some acrylic paints and brushes. It’s a four-storey building near the park, selling stationery and craft supplies. I bought some stuffs myself; freezer paper for stencils and a stencil sponge brush, a package of 4 stamp ink, rubber squares for stamp and a gouge knife for carving the rubber. I never tried freezer-paper stencils or making my own rubber […]