Esme maxi cardigan and Linden sweatshirt

White Linden Sweatshirt and Esme Cardigan White Linden Sweatshirt and Esme Cardigan

I’ve been wearing my wool coat that I made a couple of years ago everyday this winter. It’s a really great coat but I got a bit bored of it, so a simple long cardigan seem to be a perfect alternative.

The pattern is Esme maxi cardigan by Named patterns. I made size 34 with lots of shortening alteration, 2 cm above the waist and 10 cm below the waist. FYI Named patterns are drafted for height 172 cm, that is why I have to do lots of shortenings for my 150 cm height.

Esme Cardigan Esme Cardigan

The fabric is grey sweatshirt fleece with brushed side in white. It’s medium weight with low stretch, perfect for this pattern. Because of the fabric thickness, I made one side of the pocket from jersey to minimize the bulk. I love these big pockets, it is essential in cold weather so I can put my freezing hands.

The cardigan looks good without button, but I decided to add closure so it can be closed in cold days or when bike riding. The closure is three large plastic snap on button in transparent white that really blend with the color of the fabric.

I’ve seen some people shortened the cardigan to hip length that also looks good but this time I wanted to see how I look in maxi cardigan. I must say that the cardigan looks a bit like bathrobe but it’s so comfortable so I don’t care!

White Linden Sweatshirt White Linden Sweatshirt

The second thing that I made is a simple white sweatshirt. I don’t have any white clothes before because I’m afraid I will get it stained in the first wear. Then my husband got himself a white sweatshirt and I thought it looked good so I wanted to make one.

The pattern is Linden sweatshirt pattern by Grainline studio. I’ve made this pattern a couple years ago and was very pleased with the result. The alteration is the same as the first one that I made, with the bodice shortened 2.5 cm and the sleeves shortened 4 cm.

White Linden Sweatshirt White Linden Sweatshirt

The fabric is white french terry, a bit thick and not very stretchy. You can see the loops on the wrong side of the fabric.

It turned out that I like the result so much that I wear the sweatshirt almost everyday! So far I managed to keep it stain-free so it’s really great. And here I am with my new ensemble for cold days!

White Linden Sweatshirt and Esme Cardigan

Neon pink lace set and harness bralette

Merckwaerdigh BHS10 and Bunzie panties Merckwaerdigh BHS10 and Bunzie panties

Here’s another Merckwaerdigh BHS10 view C that I’ve made several times! The lace is stretch lace in neon pink that is very hard to photograph. I’ve used similar lace in different color to make a couple of set here.

Merckwaerdigh BHS10

Merckwaerdigh BHS10

As usual, the cups are lined with non-stretch lining and the band is lined with powernet. I use foldover elastic to finish the neckline and underarms and wide elastic for the band.

Bunzies panties

The panties is Bunzies by Stitch Upon A Time, a very versatile pattern with three leg cuts (full coverage, booty and super booty) high and low rises, ruched back options, and elastic and knit band finishing. So many options!

I cut size XS in low rise super booty option and I should say that the result is great! On my body, the super booty is a bit more revealing than in the mannequin. Sorry for not able to show it though!

Scarlette harness Scarlette harness over bra

Another fun thing that I made is this harness bralette made entirely from bra straps. I’ve seen this type of clothing and got curious about them.

Scarlette harness Scarlette harness over bra

The direction is Scarlett strap bralette (PDF) by Evie La Luve. It is relatively easy to make, basically you just sew several length of straps around several rings. I added sliders to the neck strap and body strap so it will be easier to get in it. When not being worn, this harness looks like a crumpled straps and you need to think for a while before getting into it.

Of course it doesn’t offer any support at all and I don’t think it is the intention of this item. The harness is something that you wear on your body like you wear a necklace or bracelet, some kind of body accessory.

Scarlette harness Scarlette harness

I find that it looks quite attractive worn over my neon pink bralette and I wonder how else I can wear this harness. Do you have a harness or have you ever made one? How do you usually wear it?

Red lace set

Red lace set

First post in 2017! I have so many finished sewing items that haven’t been posted yet. I’m trying to work through them though, taking pictures and posting eventually.

I found this red stretch lace in a small fabric store in my neighborhood. It is sort of an outlet store that sells out of print and end of rolls fabric so the collections changed all the time. Recently they had new batches of colorful stretch lace sold in 2 m cut length. I’m probably the only one in my neighborhood who is interested in all those stretch lace so prepare to see more colorful stretch lace lingerie!

Merckwaerdigh balcony bra and Bella panties Merckwaerdigh balcony bra and Bella panties

The bra pattern is Merckwaerdigh balcony underwired bra in size 30 E. To get this size I used cup size 36B and shortened the band 6 cm on each side (12 cm total). I sewed the bra without alterations, except for using the lace edge on the bridge. The cups and bridge are lined with non-stretch lining while the band is lined with powernet.

Merckwaerdigh balcony bra Merckwaerdigh balcony bra

Merckwaerdigh balcony bra

I found that I always have good fit with Merckwaerdigh bra patterns, especially the underwired ones. They usually have rounded cups and narrow space between the breast which suit my shape very well.

Simplicity 8228 and Bella panties Simplicity 8228 and Bella panties

For the second bra I wanted to try Madalynne Simplicity 8228 view A, the halter bra. Based on the measuring instructions, I cut size 32DD. The whole bra is lined with power net.

I read that lots of people find the straps on this pattern a bit too short, so I was amused to find that they are too long on my body! Maybe because I am petite. The band is also too big around my body but it was easily shortened.

Simplicity 8228 Simplicity 8228

Simplicity 8228

I’m not really sure about the bra though. It is very pretty but not very practical for daily use, at least for me. I also can’t get over the feeling of the lacey straps behind my neck all the time. There is no problem with the fit though!

Bella lace panties

The panties are Bella lace panties that I have made before. This is one of my favorite panties pattern, so easy to make with beautiful result. Please note that these panties are very low-waisted, so you can just add some height if you don’t like that.

Here is the fit on both bra on me. Both look pretty good!

Rosita’s jacket and Tokyo Comic Con 2016

Rosita Rosita

Rosita of The Walking Dead

A couple of months ago, my husband asked me if I would like to come with him and a friend to Tokyo Comic Con in December. I’m not really a big fan of crowd so I just told them to go ahead. But then our friend suggested that we’d picked a character and do a cosplay. More reason to sew? Now I’m interested!

I was thinking of dressing as one of the characters from Game of Thrones, but then I thought the flowy dresses would only be worn for that one day. I’m not planning to do a lot of cosplaying so I thought something that I can wear in daily life would be better.

Then I decided to dress as Rosita from The Walking Dead! I think she’s the perfect choice, her jacket is cool and would be a great challenge to sew. Since I would be Rosita, my husband decided that he would be Negan. Sorry for all non-The Walking Dead fans if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Rosita’s jacket is a basic biker jacket, the things that make it Rosita’s are the colour, the shoulder and sleeves details, the straps around the hip, and the zippered pockets on each side of the lapel. Among the biker jacket patterns that I have browsed, Ziggi biker jacket by Style Arc has the most similarities to this jacket.

Rosita Rosita

Ziggi jacket already has similar shoulder and upper sleeves detail although in different shapes. I altered the sleeves and shoulders and change the lower sleeve details. The zippers on the lower sleeves are moved to from the seam to the centre of leather panel. Since Rosita’s jacket has straps around the waist, the lower pockets are eliminated and new zippered pockets are added to each side of the lapel.

Rosita Rosita

Those are the main alterations that I made for this jacket. Other alterations are my usual ones, shortening the bodice and sleeves according to my petite body. I cut size 6 for this pattern.

Rosita Rosita Rosita Rosita

I found suede-like fabric in appropriate color for the main fabric. The black leather parts are made with synthetic leather that has a bit of stretch. remnants of this fabric are used for the knee patch of Rosita’s pants. I used store-bought stretch pants, open parts of the leg seam and inserted the knee patch. Then I sewed the leg seam again.

Rosita Rosita

The hat was originally very light beige, so I dyed it in a mixture of grey and olive green to get the color. My husband found the toy rifle in a junk store near our house. It even has military green strap that really suits the whole look!

Rosita and Negan

Here is Rosita getting threatened by Negan! My husband is very proud of his Lucille bat. During the Comic Con, he was approached two times by the security who wanted to to touch the barbed wire. He made the barbed wire from cotton strings dipped in grey acrylic paint and white glue. Then he used silver marker for the highlight and splattered some fake blood as a final touch.
Lucille Lucille


Yoga set OHM – Schnittchen patterns

Yoga set OHM - Schnittchen patterns Yoga set OHM - Schnittchen patterns


Yoga set OHM - Schnittchen patterns

Yoga set OHM – Schnittchen patterns

Here’s my contribution to Schnittchen’s Sewing Around The World project. In case you haven’t heard of it, the project features 12 sewing bloggers around the world sewing Schnittchen pattern.

My pattern is called Yoga set OHM, it is actually from the Winter 2015 collection. As the name suggests, this is a set of patterns for tank top, leggings, and a sweater made of jersey. You can wear them for yoga and they are comfortable too for lounging at home.

Schnittchen patterns also sent me the fabrics. They are organic cotton jersey from Lebenskleidung in Berlin. These fabrics are so beautiful and comfortable! These pictures don’t do any justice showing how comfortable they are to my skin.

According to the size chart, I fall under size 34. This size is drafted for height 167.2 cm while my height is 150 cm. I like that the size chart also includes height, which is very important to me as I’m a petite.

I didn’t find lengthening/shortening lines on the pattern, but it can simply be made by drawing new lines across the pattern perpendicular to the grainline.

Since these patterns are very simple, I didn’t make a muslin. Instead, I measured the length of each pattern and compared it to my body to find how much that I needed to shorten.

My alterations and notes for the patterns:

  • Shortened the sweater bodice above the waist 3 cm
  • Shortened the sweater sleeves 8 cm
  • Shortened the tank top bodice across armhole 1 cm
  • Shortened the tank top bodice above waist 2.5 cm
  • Shortened the leg 4 cm above knee and 4 cm below knee.
  • The waistband for the leggings is way too small. I made new waistband by measuring the waistline on the leg and reduce the width by 85%.

Yoga set OHM - Schnittchen patterns

If you’ve already made T-shirts and leggings, these patterns are quite easy and all three can be finished in one afternoon. However, the instructions on this pattern are brief without pictures nor diagram. So although the pattern is marked as easy, someone who is very new in sewing might find some difficulties following it.

The instruction sheet mentioned that a detailed step-by-step photo tutorial is available at the tutorial page on Schnittchen website. Unfortunately the tutorial is not available yet. I find this a bit disappointing since the pattern was released in winter 2015. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I also wish that they include stretch factor for the leggings fabric since the drafted waistband for my size is quite small. I think it might need a stretchier fabric.

At the end of the day, I’m quite glad to have some comfortable and basic addictions to my wardrobe. I can see these three will get lots of wear!

Yoga set OHM - Schnittchen patterns Yoga set OHM - Schnittchen patterns

Yoga set OHM - Schnittchen patterns Yoga set OHM - Schnittchen patterns


Pattern is Yogaset OHM by Schnittchen patterns (available in print and PDF), size 34

Fabric from Lebenskleidung

Disclosure: The pattern and fabric were sent to me for review purpose. However, all views and opinions expressed are purely my own.

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