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Weekend, January 2013

It’s two weeks into 2013 now and we had our first snow yesterday! Coming from a tropical country, I’m still very excited everytime there’s a snowfall. The windows in our old apartment were frosted so I couldn’t enjoy snowing without opening the window, but here in the new house the clear big windows allow me to stare outside for hours mesmerized by the snow. While I was mesmerized, my husband kindly cooked us the yummiest meatsauce spaghetti for lunch. I then managed to cut a stretch lace top to be turned into a bra set later. Meanwhile, Sidra had a […]


  This is the state of my sewing room as of right now. As you can see, it is not very inspiring. But there’s a good reason for all this mess, that is: we’re moving! Not too far though, maybe about a couple of miles from here. About a month ago, my husband finally got his permanent resident status. We started looking for a house after that, thinking that it might take months before we found something that we like. As it turned out, we fell in love with the first house that the agent took us to see. It […]