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Thriller jacket in progress

Kids jacket in progress

Can you recognize the jacket? And no, it’s not a Halloween costume for Sidra. Recently I told Sidra that since the weather was going cooler, I would make him a jacket, then I asked if he had anything particular in mind. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked him first and just carry on making the jacket because -of course- he wanted a Thriller jacket. Um, wouldn’t it be a bit costumey? What about a Thriller-inspired jacket with the same red and black combo? No, I want it to be exactly look like the one that Michael Jackson wore! You can change […]

A wedding in Saturday

  Sidra’s father got married last weekend. We weren’t able to come due to several reasons, but Sidra’s father came up with this wonderful idea to ask someone (which is his brother) to hold an iPhone during the wedding ceremony so the three of us could view it live via Skype! Yay for technology! Several minutes before the ceremony, Sidra came to me and asked for the outfit that he wore on my wedding. Well, of course he couldn’t wear them again, it was 4 years ago! Fortunately he didn’t mind wearing something else. He was quite excited to see […]

I’m home!

Boxes are in every rooms and I still couldn’t find all my sewing accessories. But the internet was finally installed yesterday so I’m now connected to the world! I sew in the dining room now because the room was quite large and the view is beautiful. I wanted to try sewing while standing up to keep the room from too many furniture. So far I don’t have back pain like I used to have when sewing sitting down, so this might be good. But later maybe I might get one of those bar stool to have sitting down option.   […]

Weekend, April

Yesterday Sidra had aikido practice at the park in our neighborhood, followed by picnic and playtime. Such wonderful idea to spend a beautiful spring day. Pictures from my Instagram.  

Weekend, March

Last Saturday we went to meet Doraemon and his friends! Actually, we went to Fujiko F. Fujio museum in Kawasaki. If you’re familiar with the blue earless robot cat, Fujiko F.Fujio is the man who created this anime character. The museum was just opened in September last year, so it is pretty new. The tickets had to be reserved weeks before, and we finally got our ticket scheduled to last Saturday. I love Doraemon since I was living in Indonesia, reading the translated comics and watching the dubbed television series. I collected all the comics but I had to give them away […]

Snow day

We don’t usually have too much snow here in Tokyo, but today I woke up to 20 cm thick of snow on the doorstep! It is quite strange, I’m already feeling ready for spring and suddenly it is in the middle of winter again?! Anyway, everything looks beautiful covered in thick snow. Also, a sneak peek of my recent finished project. I think it is perfect for spring! pictures from my Instagram  //credits: Tape strips by Puglypixel.  

Weekend, January

Last weekend, Sidra joined a workshop class at the community center. It was just around ten minutes biking from home, so my husband and I went with him there. Then we spent the time waiting for Sidra by walking around the temple and the woods around the community center. It was a rare occasion because usually there are three of us. Last week we had one snowing day and you can still see traces of snow here and there. It was cold walking around but everything looks so lovely. Sometimes I’d like to think that I live in such a […]

Manza, Gunma Prefecture

A couple of days ago, we went for a short trip to Manza in Gunma prefecture, an area for ski and onsen (hot spring) resort. It was about 6 hours bus trip from Tokyo. We spent the first night on the bus there, and the second night at Manza Prince Hotel. The scenery was so beautiful, everything was covered in thick snow. After about three hours outside and the novelty of snow had worn off, we went to our room and changed to yukata (casual kimono) provided by the hotel before going for a hot bath. Spending some time with my […]

Weekend, November

Last Saturday was observation day at Sidra’s school. My husband and I went to see teachers and students in class. There was also an art exhibition at the school hall, showing creations from all students: embroideries, sculptures, paintings. So lovely. pictures from my Instagram