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Izu, Shizuoka

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some of these pictures from our recent vacation. We spent three days last week in Izu area: Shimoda city, Shirahama beach, and Izu Kogen. It has been too long since we had a holiday. Last summer we didn’t go anywhere because we have just moved house so the three of us were very happy this time!

Manza, Gunma Prefecture

A couple of days ago, we went for a short trip to Manza in Gunma prefecture, an area for ski and onsen (hot spring) resort. It was about 6 hours bus trip from Tokyo. We spent the first night on the bus there, and the second night at Manza Prince Hotel. The scenery was so beautiful, everything was covered in thick snow. After about three hours outside and the novelty of snow had worn off, we went to our room and changed to yukata (casual kimono) provided by the hotel before going for a hot bath. Spending some time with my […]

Summer vacation 2011

We’re finally home after the vacation in Indonesia! Sidra enjoys meeting people, so he really loved his time there, meeting grandparents and other family members, going to places and seeing interesting things. Our families live in different cities in indonesia, so we had to make several trips by cars and local airplanes to see them, and still there are family members and friends that we didn’t have the time to meet.   After we landed in Jakarta, we spent two days there so Sidra could spend time with his biological father. Then we went to visit my mother in  Jogjakarta, about […]

Golden Week 2011

One hour away from the busy city, walking up the mountain through the wood, there were ancient statues scattered around, we spread our picnic mat on top of the mountain and had the best lunch! Well, actually it was only some onigiri, but you know, anything taste better when eaten in a fine day.


It’s 2011! I want to wish you a wonderful year ahead! We spent New Year’s Eve at home, just the three of us, eating pizza and playing games. The day before, we just got back from two days vacation in Kusatsu, a small city in Gunma prefecture. It’s about 4 hours bus trip from Tokyo. Kusatsu is popular for its hot springs with more than 100 onsen  scattered around the small city. There is also a ski resort nearby. I love taking a walk in small cities like this. Although small, there are lots of small hotels, ryokans, and restaurants […]


We just got back from Kamakura, a beautiful city about 2 hours away from Tokyo. Sidra had really wanted to go to the beach, that was why we went there so we could go to Yuigahama beach nearby. I really love Kamakura, the city is small yet so beautiful. The streets are clean with lots of places to look at. We didn’t go to the beach in the first day and only took a walk around and went to some temple. There are a lot of beautiful temples and statues in this city! I really wanted to go to K?toku-in […]

Golden week 2010

The end of April through around May 5th is called Golden Week in Japan since there are many public holidays during this period. We spent the holiday in the Okutama mountain area. Okutama is quite near to Tokyo, so instead of spending the nights, we made two one day trips there. My husband loves hiking and Sidra always has over-abundance energy that every seven year old seems to have. On the other hand, I’m not really built for this activity, I get tired easily especially when walking up the mountain. I didn’t even have the right outfit and was ready […]


A short trip to Suwako, a little town in Nagano prefecture. Once there, we took a short bus trip to Kirigamine Ski Grounds to find more snow and play slide. It’s the first snow for me and Sidra! We stayed one night in a hotel by the Lake Suwa, and had a very nice dinner prepared in the room by an old lady. I love holiday. Welcome to the snowland.Slide!Pairs of red cheeks.Red boy and red cheeks.And what I got is only a red noseFamily pictureDinner in the room.Sidra loves holiday.

Time flies

It’s our wedding anniversary today and we went someplace nice to celebrate it. Can’t believe it has been already a year since the day ^.^