Guest Post at Craft Sanctuary: My journey to find the perfect bra

Hello! Sorry for all the bra photos! Today I’m guest posting at Craft Sanctuary about my journey in finding the perfect bra. It is a great personal experience and each time I learned some new things about my own body. The journey is still going on by the way! Thank you for having me, Ashley!

Spring sewing

Look at those pretty buttons! If you’re looking for new ideas and inspiration for Spring sewing, you can check out these exciting projects and sew-alongs: Free Pattern Month at Grosgrain Fabulous, April 25-May 27. It starts today and will continue for a whole month with free pattern from the guest bloggers, one free pattern each…

Once Upon A Thread: Minna no Kobito (みんなのこびと)

Once Upon A Thread: Minna no Kobito (みんなのこびと)

Don’t miss my guest post today for Once upon a Thread at Katy’s blog, No Big Dill! This is a whole month event devoted to projects inspired by children books. Isn’t that sweet? Katy is so full of ideas! In addition, several wonderful people around the blogland are invited to share their projects, and I’m very…