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6 years ago, first meeting

I met my husband sometime around this month, 6 years ago. This is a picture when he first met Sidra at that time. Actually Sidra is not that easily get attached to people when he just first meets them, so I was quite surprised that he sat on my husband’s lap rightaway and began inspecting my husband’s teeth (kids are weird, you know). I guess he picked up my body language or something. He was also very impressed with my husband’s adam’s apple and talked about it for several days afterward. FYI it is not that impressive! This is the […]

Four years

This is a drawing that Sidra made of our wedding four years ago. Sidra was still five years old at that time. Has it ben really four years already? The lines radiating from my body were his interpretation of my flowy chiffon dress. There is a flower on my husband’s jacket. The thing on Sidra’s head is not a hat though, it is his own hair. And aren’t those teeth wonderful? Everybody is looking happy in the drawing, just like how we were feeling that day. And just like we are still feeling today. Sometimes I still wonder how it is possible to […]

“Don’t make anyone your everything…”

“…because when they leave you’ll have nothing.” I don’t believe that. I’ve chosen to give all my heart and trust completely, and let someone becomes the sun that my life revolves around. And what if it turned out that he was unfaithful? What if he fell out of love? What if he decided to leave? What if? What if? Oh so many of them, why should I  waste my time thinking of all the bad possibilities? But if it happened, then I’ll be broken-hearted just like everybody else. I’ve been there. I know how it was like to feel as […]

3 years

We met for the first time on July 12, 2007, after 1.5 years of email exchange. He gave me a handmade card with a little poem on the backside. Sometime later, I recalled my feeling when I saw his face for the first time and wrote the passage below: “A smile on a certain face. You were looking up at the face and waiting for it to come down to you. All it needed was only 3 seconds to reach you, but it felt so long yet so soon. You remember every details. The cheeks were a bit pinkish, and […]

Wedding anniversary

Today is our second wedding anniversary.  Sometimes it feels like we’ve been together for a long time, but sometimes it feels so fresh and new. Since it’s our special day, I would like to share a short story about us. Maybe not that short. The first time we knew about each other was in 2006. He was already living and working in Japan, while I was busy with my own little life in Indonesia. That year, he often exchanged emails to a certain friend, and one day they happened to talk about books. As it turned out, that certain friend happened […]

Time flies

It’s our wedding anniversary today and we went someplace nice to celebrate it. Can’t believe it has been already a year since the day ^.^