Sidra asked for a new backpack, so I made this one from some fabrics in my stash. The outer fabric is brown gingham, and the lining is dark blue cotton with tiny patterns in grey. This backpack didn’t use any pattern. I just made a simple sketch and then drew some rectangles directly on the fabric. The flap is a bit thinner than I imagined because there were no more fabrics left. I sew several buttons on the flap, they’re mostly leftover from other projects. One of the button is the kabuto-mushi button used on Sidra’s muffler. They come in pair, so […]

Ipod case

A simple ipod case from leftover fabrics. I use thick felt for the inside and some elastic for closure. The bottom of the case has a hole for earphones cables. The stitches are not so neat, but at least it’s useful.

Yellow Muffler

I finally finished my first knitting project, it’s a muffler for Sidra! Actually, I still didn’t know what I’m going to make when I began knitting the yellow yarn. I was thinking of making a long thin scarf for myself. But Sidra saw me playing with yarn and ‘chopsticks’, and after observing the yellow thing dangling on the stick, he declared that whatever it was, it would be his. Okay then. The completed muffler measured about 10×53 cm and it’s entirely in knit stitches. I’m still trying to get the hang of purl stitches (and other stitches). I managed to […]

One Rookie Knitter

I’ve never, ever, learned to knit before. I’ve never even encountered a single knitting needles in my entire life. However, after residing in Japan for the last 7 months and witnessing so many knitted objects, clothing, and books around me, not to mention that knitted stuffs are very useful for autumn/winter, I started to get curious. After all, I need something that I can do outside the sewing room. I went out and acquired these things: 2 knitting books (one is very basic, and the other is my eye candy), some yellow yarn (I don’t what they are), and a […]

Some kind of tutorial for cowl and hand-warmers

My first tutorial! Well, sort of. As I’m being asked about how I recyled a scarf into a cowl and hand-warmers, I made this, uh, simple drawings on how to make them. I hope the drawings can explain itself. The scarf I used measured about 120×45 cm. It has to be a bit stretchy as it’ll be worn over the head. I think old T-shirt can also be made into this cowl and hand-warmers. Basically, the scarf is cut along the dashed lines (and also along the middle width of the scarf). The upper part will be made into 2 […]

A cowl and a pair of hand-warmer

Today is Cultural day holiday, but we all stay at home because the three of us has got a cold. I got a little bit bored, so I make this cowl/neck-warmer for Sidra and a pair of hand-warmer from a scarf that was thrifted from a secondhand store nearby. I think I still have a little fabric left for another pair of hand-warmer. It’s a super easy project. Link: Some kind of tutorial for cowl and hand-warmers

Striped shirt

I’ve heard about Nippori textile town from sometime, but never got a chance to go there myself. It’s an area where the main street has about 100 fabric stores on each side. And last week, I finally had the opportunity to go there with three beautiful ladies who invited me to join them in a fabric shopping trip. They were so wonderful to show me around and told me which store to go for certain fabrics. As most names of the stores are in Japanese letter, they also marked the stores in the brochure map so I can find them […]

Denim pants

Another pants for my son. I use denim with a bit of stretch in it, and scraps of corduroy from my husband’s jacket for the waistband and pockets. The pattern is the same as all his previous pants, but the legs are slimmed down this time.