Sewing in 2015

It’s the last day in 2015! Let’s take a look back to my sewing journey this year.


More variations this year. Culottes, jacket, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses. And I’m happy to say that most of them get lots of wearing time!

Cropped top and culottes Striped T-shirt and culottes Burdastyle Wide Sleeve Lapel Jacket 02/2015 #122 Sandra jeans and Basic tank

Yoga wear Shorts and white tee Neon skirt The Strides trousers

Burdastyle halter dress and Saki shrug Hooded cow neck dress Red knit dress Lydia skirt - Boundless Style


Why do I love making lingerie so much?? I still can’t stop making them this year!
Soft bra set White slip dress and panties Lace Brazillian panties Lace Brazillian panties

Soma swimsuit

Neon yellow set

Neon yellow set
Sports bra and leggings
Strappy set

Black and maroon bra


I only got to make him this suit that he wore to elementary school graduation. Then he got into junior high school and since then he is in uniform or sports uniform all the time. No new clothes needed. That’s a pity because I love making him clothes.

Graduation day

My husband

A pair of pants and a sweater. No new jeans this year.
Jedediah pants Finlayson sweater


Only one bag, which is also my most-used item! Initially I made it for my husband, then I tried using it one day and never returned it back.
Desmond backpack


She only gets a couple of T-shirt refashions this year. Especially because she still has all the clothes that I made her the previous year!
T-shirt for Fuwawa T-shirt for Fuwawa

See you in 2016!

Lydia skirt – Boundless Style

Lydia skirt - Boundless Style Lydia skirt - Boundless Style

A new skirt! I have lots of Indonesian batik fabric lying around, including this cotton batik from my sister-in-law. Probably not the best choice for winter, but I can always wear it with tights like I do here.
Boundless Style Boundless Style

The pattern is from the new book ‘Boundless Style – A Mix-and-Match Sewing Pattern Workbook’ by Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns. This is no ordinary sewing pattern book. Instead of several separate patterns in one book, you get five bodices, five sleeves, and five skirts that can be mixed and matched to create a whole wardrobe – boundless style. I think it is such a great concept because sometimes I do that too, making a custom frankenpattern of several different pattern. But with this book, I can always be sure that my seam matches.

Boundless Style
Boundless Style
Boundless Style

Each pattern comes with variations. Bodices have different details, sleeves and skirts in different lengths. Separate patterns for skirt lining and waistband are also provided. The patterns come in sizes 2-16 in a CD that you have to print and tape. If you have purchased the book from another source and would like access to the digital link, Kristin has said in this post to contact her.

All patterns have step-by-step instructions with clear photos and diagrams. In additions to that, the book also has several chapters on essential sewing skills, like installing different types of zippers, stitch in the ditch, attaching a waistband and much more.

The geek in me is very happy to know that this book has its own lookbook app! Check out this Boundless Style app where you can mix and match the patterns to create your own outfit. It is so fun, a bit like playing with paper doll.

Boundless Style
Boundless Style

I’ve been playing with the app for sometime, planning a new dress for me. Unfortunately the smallest bodice size is still too big for me, so I decided to make a skirt instead.
Boundless Style

The Lydia skirt is a full, multipaneled skirt with two overlapping pleats at the front and back. I made the cocktail length skirt in size 2. Instead of using the waistband pattern, I decided to finish the waist using black twill tape. The skirt has A-shape skirt pattern for the lining. I like that the skirt and lining pattern is different, as it really reduces bulk and makes the skirt hang better.

Lydia skirt - Boundless Style Lydia skirt - Boundless Style

For some reason, I wasn’t really sure if I liked the skirt when it was just finished. Then I wore it today to do some errands, and I think I love it! Also, check out my pattern matching!

I really like this book and its concept! Next time I should try printing the patterns several percentage smaller so I can also use the bodice….
Lydia skirt - Boundless Style Lydia skirt - Boundless Style

Pattern is Lydia skirt – Boundless Style by Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns, size 2.

Disclosure: this book was sent for free to review. However, the views and opinions expressed are purely my own.

Sports bra and leggings (and a birthday)

Sports bra and leggings Sports bra and leggings

The knee-length yoga leggings that I made last July are one of the most-worn item that I’ve ever made. But since the weather got cold, I have gone back to wearing my old store-bought leggings. I suppose it is time to make another leggings!

I have been learning more about sewing workout wear through Sew and Draft Your Own Personal 7 Piece Workout Wear Collection course that was sent to me by Burdastyle. In one of the lessons, Meg Healy (the instructor) teaches how to develop the basic leggings sloper pattern into a pair of leggings with crotch gusset.

The gusset is drafted in a very simple manner, basically it is consisted of two pairs of pieces from the front and back crotch pattern. For my next pair, I want to draft the gusset in one piece instead of four pieces like this one. On the inside, the gusset has a piece of jersey lining to make it more comfortable.

Sports bra and leggings Sports bra and leggings

The waistband is drafted wide with folded edge on top. There is no additional elastic in the waist band so it is very comfortable. I like wide waistband like this that reaches to my belly button. The crotch and waistband seams are topstitched with decorative stitches that look like flatlock. I read about this technique on Tasia’s post in Sewaholic blog.
Sports bra and leggings Sports bra and leggings

Speaking of Tasia from Sewaholic, I bought her Dunbar top pattern to make a sports bra! I use the same black spandex fabric as my leggings, carrot red spandex for the contrast, and store-bought foldover elastic.

“The Dunbar Top or Sports Bra is fully lined, with a powernet shelf bra that includes pockets for optional padding or removeable bra cups. Racerback styling and contrast seaming gives it a cool modern look. Choose high-impact contrast like black and white, or opt for tone-on-tone fabrics for a subtler look. Edges are bound with fabric binding strips. View A is a mid-hip length tank top with a shelf bra lining. View B is a sports bra with elastic along the lower edge.”

Sports bra and leggings Sports bra and leggings

My lining is powernet in orange-red color that is actually quite thin, so I added another layer of stronger black powernet between the layers. The bra cups have openings on the side for removable bra cups.

I really suggest to make a muslin if you are interested in making this bra. The bra is quite short from top to bottom. I cut size 2 and had to add 2 cm on the bottom end of each piece. The recommended elastic length for the underband is way too long for me. I measure my elastic by putting it around myself snugly and cut the desired length. When attaching the binding, I made sure to stretch the elastic binding slightly so it will fit snugly when the bra is being worn.

Sports bra and leggings Sports bra and leggings

I usually wear encapsulation sports bra with separate cups and underwire like this Panache sports bra and not the compression type like the Dunbar. The feeling is a bit different, it is much lighter. I like this one better! The bra is very comfortable, I think I want to use this pattern to make another bra in jersey fabric without the shelf bra just for lounging at home.
Sports bra and leggings Sports bra and leggings


Selamat ulang tahun Mama / HAPPY

Unrelated to the sportswear, today is my 44th birthday! I’m not sure how I feel about being 44, sometimes I feel like I’m still not an adult yet.

Here is a pot of succulents that Sidra bought for me. He bought it at the market near our house, but on the way home the pot got turned over. He didn’t have the chance to fix it because he had to hide it rightaway when he got home. I think it is a very endearing story.

The cards are from my husband and Sidra. My husband wrote ‘Happy birthday Mama’ in Indonesian, and the little writing around it is something like ‘together forever’. Sidra drew me from a photo. He said that the mouth part is very difficult, so he just gave me a wide grin instead.

I feel very lucky to have these two sweet men in my life at this moment!

Sports bra pattern is Sewaholic Dunbar top (PDF), size 2.
Leggings pattern is  developed from Burdastyle knit leggings sloper (PDF), size 38 printed at 92%.

Disclosure: The leggings sloper pattern is included in Sew and Draft Your Own Personal 7 Piece Workout Wear Collection course sent to me for free by Burdastyle.

Red knit dress

Red knit dress Red knit dress

I’ve been wanting to have a simple and comfortable knit dress for daily wear. It is not very easy to find the right fabric, medium weight fabric that is not too thick nor too thin. So when I spotted this red double jersey in the fabric store, I snatched it rightaway. They also have army green and black that I have bought as well.
Red knit dress Red knit dress
I was sent the Sew and Draft Your Own Personal 7 Piece Workout Wear Collection course by Burdastyle, and several knit slopers are included in the course. I’m still planning my workout wear collection, and in the meantime I use the Knit top and Dress sloper to create this dress.

As usual I printed Burdastyle patterns in 92 % and cut size 38. The neckline is widened and lowered a bit with neck band added. The sleeves are shortened to 3/4 and the hem is lengthened. I made the dress on my serger and topstitched the hem using small zigzag stitches on sewing machine. It is basically like a lengthened T-shirt so it was finished very quickly!
Red knit dress Red knit dress

I’m very happy with the result! It is simple and comfortable like what I’ve wanted, and it is quite versatile to wear. The color red is a bit loud though. I was in the train wearing the dress and when I looked around, everyone else was wearing muted colors like beige, grey, and black. It was already a grey rainy day, hopefully a splash of color would make it less gloomy!

Pattern is based on Burdastyle Knit top and Dress sloper (PDF), size 38 printed at 92%.

Disclosure: The sloper pattern is included in Sew and Draft Your Own Personal 7 Piece Workout Wear Collection course sent to me for free by Burdastyle.

Hooded cowl neck dress

Hooded cow neck dress Hooded cow neck dress

A new dres! The pattern is Burdastyle hooded cowl neck dress in grey jersey. I love how simple and easy to sew the pattern is, while looking so interesting with the giant cowl neck.

The description of the pattern: “This cowl neck dress has a deep cowl that can be transformed into a hood whenever the mood strikes. It has long sleeves and can be worn in the winter months with high boots and tights.”
Hooded cow neck dress Hooded cow neck dress

The pattern only has three pieces. The cowl neck is integrated to the front bodice pattern, making the front bodice pattern looking very interesting. I made all the seams on my serger, and used sewing machine to topstitch the dress and sleeves hem with zigzag stitches.

As usual for Burdastyle pattern, I printed the pattern at 92% and cut size 38. So it is actually closer to size 34 than size 38. Other alterations that I made was shortening the dress and sleeves a bit.

Hooded cow neck dress Hooded cow neck dress

I suddenly realized that for some reason I’m always attracted to cowl necklines. Here’s some that I made in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. This 2015 version has the biggest cowl neck! I wonder why I love them. Maybe because I like how the cowl neck drapes to frame the face and upper body.

Red cowl dress Violet Vogue 1250 Fruit jersey dress (Vogue 1351) Issy top and Elle pants

Pattern is Burdastyle hooded cowl neck dress 09/2015 (PDF), size 38 printed at 92%.

Disclosure: the pattern is sent to me for free by Burdastyle.

Summer date dress

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

Since Sidra entered Junior High School, he becomes very busy with all the school activities. He even has to be at school on weekends for his sports club activity. My husband and I got a bit lost on what to do as the three of us usually did things together on weekends. But we have to get used to this. Eventually Sidra will have to be by himself as he grows up so maybe it is time to start letting him go.

One of the thing that my husband and I are starting to do at weekends is having a date. We would get dressed and go to the city, have lunch at a nice place and do things together. When Sidra was still in elementary school, it was very rare for my husband and I to go out by ourselves. I had forgotten how it felt to go on a date. It was strange at first -and I felt a bit guilty to Sidra- but eventually we enjoy it!

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

This is a dress that I made to wear on these dates. Of course I don’t always have to get dressed to go out with my husband, but where’s the fun? After all I always welcome more reasons to wear pretty dresses.

The pattern is Burdastyle Halter Dress with Ruffles 04/2015 #111B, it is already in petite size so I cut size 17. The midriff part was shortened a bit, about 1 cm. I also eliminated the ruffles as I think it is a bit too much. To do this, I just cut the strap frill two times and tapered the ends to have a couple of long straps. I was a bit worried that the floral fabric might look like a curtain, but I think it works quite well with this pattern.

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

Obviously I can’t wear a bra with this dress, not even the strapless one because of the cutout under the bust. It doesn’t really matter actually, but I feel a bit exposed wearing the dress in train. Sometimes the train is crowded and you have to stand a bit too close to other people. I’m shorter than most people so they can look down into my dress -deliberately or accidentally. Maybe I think about it too much! But anyway I made a shrug to wear when in train or when it gets a bit chilly.

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

The shrug is called Saki’s shrug, you can check more about in Yoshimi’s post about the shrug. It is delightfully simple, basically just several rectangles sewn together. But the result is quite pretty, especially in light knit fabric like this.

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

I love summer with all the pretty dresses, swimsuits, and tanned skin. Unfortunately it is over now, time for some pretty autumn dresses!

Dress pattern is Burdastyle Halter Dress with Ruffles 04/2015 #111B, size 17 (petite size).
Shrug pattern is Saki shrug – as posted by Yoshimi


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