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Lazy chocolate cake

Sidra asked for keeki (cake) for breakfast this morning. I didn’t have an oven nor any cake ingredients, so I whipped this one from things already in the kitchen. With a microwave, it only took five minutes from preparation to serving, perfect for a hungry, demanding kindergarten kid. Ingredients: 4 tbs pancake mix flour 2 tbs milk cocoa powder 2 tbs sugar 1 egg 3 tbs oil 3 tbs water/milk 2 chocochips cookies, crumbled raisins Directions: Mix pancake mix flour, milk cocoa powder, and sugar in a microwave-safe container Pour in egg, oil, water/milk, blend together Add chocochips cookies crumbles […]

Sesame Surprise!

Last July, Sidra was invited to be a model for a fashion spread in Sesame magazine (a Japanese kid’s fashion and lifestyle magazine), autumn issue. The photoshoot took place in Tottori sand dunes and museum, Tottori prefecture, Japan. When the issue was published, of course they sent one copy to us, and I thought that was it. So I was very surprised when one day the postman brought an envelope for us, containing the latest issue of Sesame magazine, the winter edition. I really like this magazine, but it’s rather hard to find them in bookstores around the neighbourhood. It’s […]

A picnic and new craft supplies

The sun is shining and the weather is perfect, so yesterday we went picnic to Shinjuku park and spent the whole day playing balls and lying around. On the way home, we stopped by Sekaido because my husband wanted to buy some acrylic paints and brushes. It’s a four-storey building near the park, selling stationery and craft supplies. I bought some stuffs myself; freezer paper for stencils and a stencil sponge brush, a package of 4 stamp ink, rubber squares for stamp and a gouge knife for carving the rubber. I never tried freezer-paper stencils or making my own rubber […]