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Recycled check T-shirt

Still no dino plushies. It was raining the whole day yesterday so I stayed at home and made something else for Sidra. The T-shirt is recycled from my old T-shirt dress, bought in 2006 in Indonesia. My hair was pretty short at the time! The picture was taken in my office’s studio, hence the black background (the advantage of working in a fashion magazine). Actually the dress was still in decent condition, but I’ve never worn it anymore. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty when I don’t wear something that I didn’t make myself. Is that strange? The material is […]

White and purple shirt

I was making a dinosaur plush toy yesterday and just one step away from finishing it, all I need was just some stuffing and a pair of black beads for the eyes. As I didn’t want to go too far to buy supplies, I headed to a thrift store nearby. I was planning to find some broken plush toys that I can cut open to use the stuffing and eyes. Apparently the plan just didn’t work out. It was not that there weren’t any ugly toys in the store, there were plenty of them. But as I looked at those […]

Linen and foxes jacket

Sidra has been growing up so fast this year, all his pants are now too short, even the ones that I made four months ago! Knee-length pants are good (temporary) solution for this, but I should be making some full length pants for cooler weather soon. He also has two jackets that he’s been wearing a lot, and they’re both too short now. It’s time for a new jacket! The pattern is the same as his old jackets, but in one size larger with added lining and all topstitching details omitted. The pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys & girls, this is one […]

Striped T-shirt and tweed pants

A couple of days ago was a national holiday in Japan, but it was raining the whole day so we stayed at home and got kinda bored. I went to my sewing room, trying to find things to do, and found this piece of grey tweed fabric that I bought a long time ago. It was only 50 cm and I had forgotten why I bought it in the first place. I decided to turn it into a pair of pants for Sidra. It was a really simple pants, I use a pattern from R&D.M.Co-boys & girls that I have […]

Tutorial: Side slant pocket

A reader commented on my post ‘Three meters of black linen’ , asking about how I made the side slant pockets for my son’s pants. So this is a tutorial on how I made them. You can also use this method for adult’s clothing by simply changing the dimensions. Making the pockets pattern Trace the front part of the pattern. Draw the slanted opening line of the pocket. Make sure that it is big enough for the hand of the wearer. My example here is for kid’s pants with separate waistband. If the pants has no separate  waistband (i.e: pyjama […]

Checks pants

I miss my blog! It has been too long since I post about sewing and you might (or, uhm, you might not) wonder where I’ve been. Well, it’s just that real life sometimes got in the way of blogging life, that’s a sad fact. Or maybe I just didn’t try hard enough. So the last two weeks I had been busy with my little things, and now that they are finished, I can go back making stuff! I need something fast to sew that can make me happy again. And usually that thing is Sidra’s pants. Really, it’s my instant […]

Wardrobe inventory

There is an interesting project going on at Zoe’s blog where she would only wear her own handmade clothes for a month. Last month, Zoe challenged herself in the Me-Made-March where she posted her daily handmade outfit and how she coordinated them. And this month, she invited other people to participate. So if you want to participate, you should check it out now because Me-Made-May is about to start, like, in the next couple of days! I think it’s really a wonderful idea because then we could see how much sewing has taken part in our daily life. Is it merely […]

Red pants

S: Mama, I want a gold pants. M: A gold pants? Why?? S: Because Maikeru Jakuson wears one. M: But where will you wear the gold pants to? S: I’ll wear it anywhere, to supermarket, to school…. Since I couldn’t bear the thought of him walking to school in gold pants, I tried to offer several alternatives. How about a pair of black pants? No? But Michael Jackson had one too. A blue pants? No? A grey one? No? And so on. At last we saw Michael Jackson in the ‘This is It’ DVD wearing a pair of red pants. I […]

Hawaiian shirt and denim pants

Actually it’s been more than a week ago since I got back from summer vacation in Indonesia. In ten days, the three of us went from Tokyo to Jakarta, then to Bandung, and Jogjakarta. Yes, the families are scattered around several cities. In Jogjakarta, the big family from my mother’s side went to our family cemetery to visit my father’s grave and put some petals of roses on the tombs. There lies my father, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents and so on. It was the first time for Sidra to visit the family cemetery (or any cemetery), so there […]

Oilcloth bags and girl’s dress & hat set

This is a bag that I made as birthday gift for a friend of Sidra. The bag is reversible with oilcloth fabric in different Curious George pattern on both sides and has detachable straps. Actually it is so hard to find a perfect gift for a 7 years old boy! I decided on this bag because the shape is simple and the fabric is easy to clean. It is also can be used to carry swimwear and can be toss around on the beach. As it is reversible, the bag can be easily turned over when the inside is wet […]

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