Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt

Wow what’s with all the dust in my blog?? I can’t believe the last time I posted something was three months ago! It doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped making things though. If you’re following my Instagram, you might notice that I’m still sewing. I guess the instant way of Instagram posts has made me lazy to do a ‘real post’ in this blog.

Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt

Anyway! This is one of the many unblogged things that I’ve made all this time. These pants are Joni knit track pants by Style Arc. You can find the pattern in their website or in the Etsy shop. From the product description: “This is the new track pant shape featuring a slightly dropped crotch and angled leg seam. The rib elasticised waist band has a channeled cord threaded through the centre. The lovely deep rib cuffs complete this designer look track pant. Joni can be made in all knit or knit & rib.”

I made the pants in size 6 with length alteration since I’m 150 cm (4’11”). The long cuffs and angled leg seams are very interesting, subtle details that give the pants more character. I also like that these joggers have back pockets. All the seams are finished on overlocker except when attaching pockets.

Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt

The pattern for this sweatshirt is copied from an RTW sweatshirt that I already have. My favorite part is the big, pleated sleeves. Actually I just put the sweatshirt on the fabric and traced them with chalk, not making a real pattern from it. This way works quite well with oversized sweater in knit fabric, but of course not for fitted clothing in in woven fabric.

Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt

Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt

You can see that this is a really comfortable outfit. I have a grey merle sweatshirt and joggers set for my winter pajamas and I think I’ve just copied it. Since this one is black, this outfit doesn’t really look like pajamas…. or is it? But it is very comfortable so I will wear this all winter!

Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt Style Arc Joni pants and oversized sweatshirt

Willow bralette and Mimi bikini bottom

Willow bralette and Mimi bikini bottom Willow bralette and Mimi bikini bottom

Lately I feel more comfortable wearing thin bralettes than bra with underwire or foam lining. Maybe because it is summer and everything is just too hot. Then I noticed that Evie la Luve has just  launched some new patterns, one of them is this Willow bra.

The pattern package includes 5 different looks, including wraparound style and longline style, with sizing from XXS to XXL. Usually I prefer to use pattern with band and cup sizing but I have had success with Evie la Luve’s panties patterns so I’d like to give this a try.

This is a very good pattern package with complete tutorials for each style with aesthetically pleasing pictures and clear explanation. One thing that I like about Evie la Luve’s pattern is that she always gives exact suggested length for the elastic instead of just ‘stretch slightly while sewing’.

I like reading tutorials from each pattern maker as it shows how they organize their thoughts and put them into words. Sometimes the way a tutorial is presented can rub me off the wrong way that it keeps me from working with the pattern, I really like how Evie la Luve presents her tutorials though.

Willow bralette Willow bralette

Having said that, I didn’t really follow the tutorial for this pattern… but it’s because I already have my own flow of works. The pattern has 1 cm seam allowance that I trimmed into my usual 0.6 cm seam allowance. I also didn’t line the fabric as suggested. The seamlines are simply serged and topstitch to one side.

The fabric is actually from a pair of leggings that I made a couple of years ago but rarely wear. It’s lycra fabric with under the sea themed digital print.

Willow bralette and Mimi bikini bottom Mimi bikini bottom

I was very happy with the result so I wanted to make a matching panties. This time I use the bottom part of Mimi bikini pattern. As you can see, this is a swimwear pattern so I didn’t follow the tutorial either. But if you want to make a bikini for swimming, the tutorial for this pattern is really great.

Willow bralettes

Actually I made the black one first as a muslin. I wore it and liked it a lot that I continued making the second one. I can see more of this bralette in the future as it is so simple and quick to sew!

And here’s how they fit on my body. My dummy has very small waist, that is why the band on the panties look wrinkled. On me, the fit is better.

Denim monpe pants

Denim monpe Denim monpe

I have made three pairs of monpe pants (Japanese work pants) for my husband and he really likes them, so here’s a new pair in denim for him. Sorry for all the phone pictures!  We were in Shinjuku and I just snapped some quick pictures of him while we were there.

These pants have elasticated waist, no side seams, right front pocket, and knee patches on the inside. You can read more about it in my first post about these pants.

Denim monpe Denim monpe

This time I used denim fabric in medium weight. The fabric is not as stiff as denim fabric for jeans, this is important as the waist is elasticated. You don’t want a bunch of ruched stiff fabric around your waist because it would be uncomfortable! I considered using contrast topstitching for the pants but then decided to make it very simple. Signs of wear will eventually show anyway and the pants will look even better after being worn a lot.

The pattern is from Japanese shop Unaginonedoko, you can contact their email address for purchase in English:

Denim monpe Denim monpe

Pattern is Monpe pants by Unaginonedoko (Japanese), size N. 

Rite of Spring Shorts and Kommatia crop top

Papercut Rite of Spring Shorts and Kommatia crop top Papercut Rite of Spring Shorts and Kommatia crop top

I was browsing the newest collection on Papercut Patterns’ website when I caught the sight of these shorts. The Rite of Spring Shorts is actually from their old collection, it has been around for several years now. Somehow I have never thought of them before. I happened to have some leftover denim that would be perfect for this pattern!

The shorts have a quite flattering detail with the side seams moving forward at the top. To accentuate this interesting side seams, I topstitched them with rust-colored thread. The rise is quite high for my petite frame so I shortened the length about 1.5 cm, otherwise they would come too far above my navel.

Papercut Rite of Spring Shorts and Kommatia crop top Papercut Rite of Spring Shorts and Kommatia crop top

The top pattern is by Kommatia patterns, a relatively new pattern company that I stumbled upon on Instagram. I bought the crop top pattern from their etsy shop. Usually I need to shorten any pattern because I’m short but I didn’t alter anything this time. Even without length alteration, the top is quite short on me. I’m not usually a crop top wearer though.

The suggested fabric is light ribbed knit. I found a ribbed knit dress at the thrift shop that I cut up for this top, it only needs a little amount of fabric! The instructions are clear and short. This is a simple piece of clothing anyway so elaborate instructions are not necessary.

Papercut Rite of Spring Shorts and Kommatia crop top Papercut Rite of Spring Shorts and Kommatia crop top

I love the result of both patterns and they look really good together, but honestly I feel this outfit is a bit out of my comfort zone. The top has quite a low back and I can’t wear a bra with it. The shorts are very very short although they are pretty comfortable to wear. I think I will pair the crop top with other pants or skirt that are not so short, and pair the shorts with other tops that are not so tight.

Aomori twist top and Kyoto tee

Papercut Aomori twist top Papercut Aomori twist top

Papercut patterns has recently launched their new collection, titled ‘Sakura’. OMG have you seen it?? I fall in love with the whole collection and had to restrain myself from buying everything. So far I have gotten these two top patterns, Aomori twist top and Kyoto tee.

The Aomori twist top has very interesting shaped pattern pieces that created the twist front. It has two options of sleeve lengths and can be made from knit or woven. My version was made with striped knit and supposed to be a muslin, but I love the result so much!

Papercut Aomori twist top Papercut Aomori twist top

Despite the complicated appearance, the sewing sequence is actually very simple. As usual the instructions are very clear. I recommend to read the instructions first before started sewing and you will see that it’s almost as simple as sewing an ordinary T-shirt.

Papercut Kyoto tee Papercut Kyoto tee

The Kyoto tee is actually an ordinary drop shoulders sweater/tee, but the ruffle around the sleeves makes it special! Like the Aomori twst top, it also comes with the options of  two sleeve lengths. Since it is summer, I made the short sleeves version with an interesting black knit. The fabric has some sort of sheen on it and it really shows off the ruffle details well.

Papercut Kyoto tee Papercut Kyoto tee

I made both tops in size XXS without any important alterations. One thing that I did was shortening the neck band for the Kyoto tee as it was a bit too long. I love that these patterns are very simple and quick to sew but the details make them look more complicated than they really are. I started sewing one top and ended up several hours later with these two! For autumn, I will surely make the long sleeves option for both patterns.

Pattern is Aomori twist top and Kyoto tee by Papercut patterns (PDF), size XXS.

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