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My husband woke me up with a birthday cheese cake! ❤️
Birthday morning

Today is my 43rd birthday!

My husband came to the bedroom this morning with my favorite cheesecake and candles. Here’ a picture of me blowing the candles while trying to keep Fuwawa away from the cake. Sidra was still half asleep!

Sidra and my husband then gave me their presents, and each has a story about their presents.

A couple of days ago, Sidra told me that he left something at school and had to get back to retrieve it. He went for a bit longer time than usual, but I thought that maybe he met his friends at school and played for a while.

After he left, I walked with Fuwawa for our afternoon walk. Then we met Sidra biking back. When he saw me, he immediately confessed, “Okay, you caught me! Actually I didn’t go to school, I went to get you some presents!”

Turned out that he biked to a store 2 km away from home to buy me the presents. But if he didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have guessed! It was very funny that he just couldn’t stand keeping a secret.

I promised him that I wouldn’t look at the presents until he gave them to me this morning. They were a knit hat and… a draught tape (the one to be placed under the door to keep the draught from creeping in). I often feel cold so maybe that was why he bought the draught tape. He told me that as he didn’t have much time at the store, he had to make a quick decision about the presents.

Meanwhile, my husband went to a store in Shibuya to find me some Merchant & Mills sewing notions. We went there several weeks ago and I was gawking over those sewing notions, so he thought that he had got his presents covered. But when he got to the store, they were no longer there! Turned out that they were only sold in that store for a limited time. My husband tried to locate the Merchant & Mills store but it was far from his office, and he couldn’t go there without a good reason.

So he came up with plan B. I sometimes talked about Liberty fabrics, so my husband went to a fabric store to buy some Liberty fabric. There he faced upon rolls and rolls of colorful Liberty fabric and suddenly felt overwhelmed. “Which one that I should buy? How much that I should buy? Would 2 metres enough? 3 metres? And how do I buy these fabrics?” he thought. These decisions were apparently too hard to make, so he got out of the store and put some coins into the toy vending machine to get me some craft-themed mobile strap.

Not sure what else to buy, he went to Muji store and decided to buy me two pairs of gloves. One for when it’s cold and the other pair is for when it’s… colder.

There seems to be a pattern here, all the presents are for keeping the cold away. Maybe I have complained too much about feeling cold!

I am so touched by all these attention from my husband and Sidra. I feel so loved and I don’t know what I have done to deserve all of these! I will remember what I feel today and treasure it in my heart forever! ♥♥♥

My 43rd birthday presents!

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