Striped bra set

Striped bra set
Striped bra set

Hello! I made a new set of bra and undies yesterday. This is actually a test bra and so far I’m quite satisfied with the result.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post about bra, I’ve been using A Sophisticated Pair’s bra calculator to help me find my correct bra size. With my 26.5 inches band measurement and 31.5 inches bust measurement, the calculator gave me the size US 28E for moderately snug band. This time I wanted a very snug band, which requires the size US 26F.

The cups for 26F are actually the same as 28E and 30D. I used my Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 size 30D and altered it to make size 26F. Here’s what I did during pattern alteration and construction:

  • removed 0.5 cm from center front
  • shortened the center back 4 cm
  • added downward hike on the back to make sure that the band doesn’t riding up
  • lined the bridge area and lower cup so they are not stretchy at all
  • added plastic boning to side seams
  • used 3 hooks

The fabric is cotton jersey with striped pattern. It is quite stable and not very stretchy. Unfortunately the wrong side is white and showed through a bit to the right side through the needle holes. I got the fabric and plush elastics from an auction at Merckwaerdigh at ebay.

Striped bra set
Striped bra set Striped bra set

I’m very happy that every bra I made fits me better than before. So far this is the best fitting bra that I’ve ever had! One little thing that I’d like to change in the future is moving the straps just a little closer to center back. The band is very snug as expected and it is more comfortable that way.

I’ve bravely modeled the bra! You can see that cup F is not as big as it is imagined, it is all just a matter of proportion. The right size underwires fully enclosed the breast and the center front sits comfortably against the sternum. Before I made my own bra, I thought I was size 32B and always had to wear my bra on the first (tightest hook). Here I wear the bra the right way, which is on the last (loosest hook). The hooks are actually there to maintain the snugness of the bra when the fabric is gradually loosing its elasticity.

Size 26F
Size 26F

Since I started wearing bra in the right size, the first thing I noticed was that my bra still stay in their place when I wake up in the morning (I sleep with my bra on because I don’t feel comfortable without them). Don’t you hate that you have to adjust your bra every time you change position and every time you lift your arms? Well, no moar!

For further readings on signs of poor fitting bra, please check out these links:

And if you want to try making a bra, Amy from Cloth Habit is starting a bra sew along in January!

Bra pattern is Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 from eLingeria, size 30D altered to 26F.

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  • Carme de godos

    We are Barça supporters ( barcelona football club) and it has exactly the same colors of the club. We line it so much!!
    Love your blog. All hour love,

    Carme from sabadell , catalonia, spain

    • I didn’t know that! How interesting. Thank you Carme! 🙂

  • Very pretty. Love your hair this way.

    • Nice to see you Trudy! Thank you!

  • you did a fantastic job and I appreciate you modeling it! I know what it feels like to see yourself in that light (you look great BTW). I haven’t heard of that bra calculator but I’m going to give it a whirl. Thanks!

    • Thank you Maddie! Good luck with the bra calculator! 🙂

  • Oh I saw a sneak peak of this on Instagram and had to pop in to say how fantastic it turned out! Just love your lingerie sets, you’re so inspiring and what a perfect fit too. Just gorgeous Novita, would you consider hosting a sewalong?

    Thank you for all the handy links too.

    • Thank you so much Kazz!
      Amy from Cloth Habit is hosting a bra sew-along, so you should join it! I’m looking forward to seeing all the pretty bras popping in the sew-along 🙂

      • I joined thanks Novita, I’ve purchased my pattern, very excited Yeee!

  • Skole Skab

    Well done! I’ve been thinking of trying this pattern, but the pointy shape of the cups has put me off…I think it starts looking less natural at the higher cup sizes. Do you have any thoughts on the best way to alter the pattern to get a more rounded shape without sacrificing too much volume? Thanks!

    • I’m not too sure but probably you can pinch around the cup seams and then spread the reduced amount to the lower cup? But maybe choosing another bra pattern with vertical seams is better to eliminate the pointy problem.

      • Michelle

        I haven’t tried to do this – still trying to get that perfect fit – but it is covered in the Bra-Makers Manual. I’ve been using the Pin-Up Girls Classic pattern too, but in a 34F

  • Innana

    Wow, it takes boldness to show yourself in a bra online. And btw great hairstyle – you look like 25, not even close to 41. And it makes you look like a business woman, not a housewife 🙂 I mean that in a positive way 🙂

    • 25?? You’re too nice! Thank you! 🙂

  • This is a perfect fit! And I really like the fabric you have chosen too. The colours are modern and fun 🙂

    • Thank you Carolyn! It is so wonderful to finally find a perfect fit!

  • Thanks for posting the pictures. It looks like you’ve got a wonderful fit. It’s very inspiring. I’m just starting out with bra fitting and it’s good to know that it’s possible!

  • Ahh! I love seeing your lingerie posts, and this is yet another winner! How nice to make a perfectly-fitting, totally unique and beautiful set!

  • i’m so impressed! my sad collection of undergarments really need to be retired soon, which probably means i’ll start making my own too. thanks for the links, i’m sure they will come in handy! and thanks for the modeled pics. it helps to see how great the fit really is!

  • I love that bra! Obviously it fits well, but I love the fabric you chose too.

    Also, thanks for posting the link to that bra size calculator. I used it and found my bra size was off and bought a bra that fit so well! I got rid of the wrong sized ones and now have a draw of the right size. It’s an amazing change!

    • It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it? Most women don’t know that they’ve been wearing the wrong size until they tried out the right one, then no turning back! Congratulations!

  • You have used the stripes to great effect here! Very cute.

  • Your new bra looks wonderful and really comfortable. I have to admit I’ve been getting a little bored with all the bra sets popping up on blogland, as I never thought I’d be interested in making my own. Thank you for posting about your journey to finding the right fit and the pictures; I find them very inspiring and I’m thinking about giving bra-making a try!

    • Glad that you are now thinking about giving bra-making a try! Hope you will enjoy it 🙂

  • Beautiful. My size is a bit like yours and finding the right bra isn’t easy, when I see yours I think I should really learn how to make one… What a perfect fit! (Thanks for sharing the photo’s!)

  • I’m so glad that you modelled your bra. That was really brave of you. Everytime you would show them I was always curious about the fit and if it offered the support you needed, but I know bras and bathing suits are the one thing us women do want to model on the internet. lolol I actually purchased a Pin-Up Classic Bra Pattern after seeing all the pretty ones you’ve made. I’m just a little scared to get started on that adventure. lololol. Your undy set looks beautiful. I think it may be time to take the leap.

    • Then you should join the bra sew-along at Amy’s Cloth Habit blog! It is the time indeed! 🙂

  • Once you have a pattern to make your own perfectly fitted bras, you can never go back to buying ready-to-wear!
    You are right that the correct band size is totally key — it is the band that provides most of the support in a bra.

  • Melissa

    Nicely made. 🙂 Looks rather pretty.

    And you sleep while wearing your bra at night? Wow. I would be rather uncomfortable with that. On the other hand, I feel uncomfortable wearing bra at any time however well fitted they are.

    • Thank you! I used to feel uncomfortable too wearing bra, but then I found out that I’d just been wearing the wrong size 😀

  • Amy

    I like this one–so fun! Thank you for sharing about your fitting experience. I know it will help others, too. It’s amazing how changing the band size can really change the comfort. I have had to change the size for every fabric a little bit.

    • The journey for finding the perfect fit is quite fun actually, except for the prices of many, many unwearable test bra 🙁 But in the end it’s worth it to finally find the ‘one’ 😛
      I’m so excited about your bra sew-along by the way!

  • Nice job, the fit looks great and the straps look wide enough not to cut in – my issue with a bigger cup size is that commercial bras often have little thin straps unless you go for a very grandma looking style.

  • That looks like a really good fit. Getting the fit right and sourcing the bits and pieces are the tricky bits if you ask me. Love the stripes 🙂

  • Wow, this looks amazing! I’m really impressed 🙂

    And congratulations on finding your correct size! There are lots of women out there who would need 26 bands, but don’t realize it because they’re so hard to find. I’m sure you would get lots of interest if you ever wanted to make and sell bras in this range!

    • Thank you for sharing so many useful information in your site!
      I just recently gained more knowledge about bra sizing and I agree that many women don’t realize that they’ve been wearing the wrong size (including me!). Hopefully more bra manufacturer realize this and start making more sizes 🙂