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Weekend, November 2012

Lunch with Yoshimi

Meeting a dearest friend, delicious lunch, beautiful things and wonderful people. Not all weekends are perfect, but once in a while the universe graced me with a day like this.

Pictures from my Instagram.

5 Responses to Weekend, November 2012

  1. Amy says:

    Lovely! I only recently discovered her blog. Sounds like a beautiful weekend!

  2. Rebecca Howard says:

    You are both such inspired sewers. I love both your blogs – Yoshimi beat you to the keyboard on this meeting! Your outfits are great.

  3. maddie says:

    Isn’t it the best when you have a good weekend? They’re inspiring for weeks after. Love your photos!

  4. Hahaha meetups are awesome, did you guys both wear self-sewn things? I really like your jacket.

    • Novita says:

      Of course! Checked out each other’s outfit and talked about the fabric and what patterns they were and such. Seamstresses’ chat :D
      The jacket is the coat from Burdastyle Sewing Handbook that I made last winter.

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