Stash busting: Feed the Animal coin purses

Feed the animal coin purses Feed the animal coin purses
Just like any other who sews, I have acquired a massive amount of fabric scraps after several years. Of course I have tried not to hoard and got rid of those unnecessary scraps after each project. But there are always the ones that are too big too throw away and too small to be turned into a piece of garment. This has became  quite a problem. What do you do with all of those fabric scraps?

Recently I bought a PDF pattern for Feed the Animals coin purses by Straight Stitch Society. It’s a round zippered pouch (10 cm/4″ in diameter) with appliqued cat, dog, or monkey faces. I thought it was perfect for my fabric scraps!

Janome Equle CP 4850 stitches
Janome Equle CP 4850 stitches

I made these pouches using jersey fabrics from my previous sewing projects: this green dress, my husband’s jacket, Sidra’s white hoodie and Thriller jacket. The black fabric is from a skirt (not posted yet), the lining is lurik, an Indonesian traditional handloom fabric, and all the buttons and zippers were already in my stash. I had no idea I have that many buttons and zippers! The pouches have thin batting between the outer fabric and lining.

The faces may look like it should have taken sometime but actually it was quite fast as I did most of it on sewing machine. The black patches were appliqued to the face using stitch #18 on my Janome. The result looked like tiny blanket stitches. I also used stitch #16 to make the dog’s and cat’s noses instead of hand embroidered them. The handstitching I made for the face was only for the monkey’s dot noses and attaching the buttons for eyes. You can also see that I didn’t make the cat’s whiskers.

Initially I only made the green ones, but making them was so fun that I made several more! I gave them to my friends and their kids (little girls love them!), Sidra took a monkey, and even my husband wants one too. I’d say that these are great stash buster!
Feed the animal coin purses Feed the animal coin purses

Pattern is Feed the Animals coin purses by Straight Stitch Society (PDF).

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  • These would be great stocking fillers – also great for fund raising events, jumble sale and the like, something kids can buy -love them, but then I love all that you do, so inspirational.

  • Deb

    These are adorable! I can see why you made so many! So fun!

  • These are really cute, I can’t believe you made so many of them!

  • They are so awesome! I want one!

  • Quelle bonne idée et de beaux cadeaux à offrir .

  • Oh my goodness, these adorable and would be perfect little gifts for Christmas!
    You did a great use of your machine’stitches!