Weekend, October 2012

Blew the candles
Happy birthday Papa!

Last weekend we celebrated my husband’s 42nd birthday! I made him a jacket with hood (will be posted later) the day before and Sidra made him a drawing.

It was a nice and quiet day just the way we love it. We biked in the morning to the lake in the neighborhood, bought oden (Japanese winter dish) in the convenience store and had breakfast by the lake. I still can’t believe that I live in such a close proximity to a lake! Then we went to a nearby Italian restaurant for pizza and pasta lunch.

Sidra loves celebration so of course we had to have a birthday cake. He ‘advised’ me to buy an ice cream cake for my husband, in a particular flavor that happened to be Sidra’s favorite flavor 😛


Happy Birthday!

Here’s Sidra’s drawing for Papa. You can see that Papa is placed on no.1, and that’s Mama on no.2 (he forgot to draw my feet!), and Sidra on no.3. In the background is the words ‘pachi pachi pachi!!’ or the sound of hand clapping, and the monsters below say ‘Omedetou! or ‘Congratulations!’ Sometimes he is just too cute!


Instagram pictures.


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  • What a cute drawing! Happy birthday to your hubs!