Fall jacket (Minoru by Sewaholic)

Minoru jacket
Minoru jacket

Minoru jacket Minoru jacket

Minoru jacket Minoru jacket

Finally I can post about this jacket! This is my favorite jacket at the moment, I’ve been wearing it everyday and loving every moment of it. The pattern is the newly-released Minoru jacket by the talented Tasia from Sewaholic. I was fortunate to be one of the pattern testers who can have a try-out weeks before its release.

When I saw the pattern for the first time, I was very excited! It is definitely created with a woman’s figure in mind. The jacket has gathered neckline and raglan sleeves, front zipper, and an optional secret hood hidden inside the wide collar. The waist is elasticized, making the overall look slim and comfortable. There are also a couple of patch pockets on the lining side with velcro closure for small tidbits.

Minoru jacket
Minoru jacket

Other than my usual shortening the bodice and sleeves about 3-4 cm, I didn’t make any alterations. The instructions are very clear with helpful diagrams, so it came up pretty quickly.Actually I spent longer time on fabrics and notions than the the actual sewing. The outer fabric is navy blue cotton canvas found in local store and the lining is Indonesian batik from my stash. I thought they would be perfect teamed with gold rust-colored zipper and topstitching. The problem was I couldn’t find the zippers in that color! I spent a week procrastinating because I had to find gold rust-colored zippers for my jacket.

Tired of my whining about gold rust-colored zipper, my husband offered to drop by Okadaya to hunt for the zippers after office. It is a huge craft store in Shinjuku. ‘I want zippers with metal teeth in this exact color, one is 70 cm separating zipper and the other is 50 cm non-separating zipper’ (as if he knew what’s the difference between separating and  non-separating zipper). With this instruction, he went to the zipper section in Okadaya and got overwhelmed by the choices. But after several back and forth phone consultations, he emerged from the store with the perfect zippers! I love him (♥_♥)

Although the pattern is rated for intermediate, I think it is suitable for anyone who want to try sewing their first jacket. The step by step instructions are very clear. The most challenging part might be sewing the zipper on the collar for the hidden hood, but it can easily be omitted if preferable.
Minoru jacket Minoru jacket
Minoru jacket Minoru jacket

It is too bad that one can not have too many jackets in the same pattern, because I really love this jacket. But I would like to make it again in water resistant fabric for rainy season next year. Tasia is planning a sew-along in January that will also cover sewing with water-resistant fabric, so I’m going to join in. I would add side seam pockets to my next jacket though, because I love walking around with hands buried in pockets!

Pattern is Minoru jacket by Sewaholic, size 2.

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  • Wow, I love that pattern and your version is special. Beautiful work.
    Well done!!

  • It looks great! I adore the lining.

  • This is fantastic! The zippers are such a great contrast. This makes me even that much MORE excited to get my own pattern in the mail and get to creating!

  • This is fantastic!!! I love the contrast with the zippers. Makes me THAT much more excited to get my very own pattern in the mail and hop to work!

  • I adore your jacket! Everything about it is stunning. Well done! And top marks to your hubby. My hubby would totally do that for me too, except Okadaya is a little too far from Australia. I’m now busily scouring the internet for yellow zippers with metal teeth. Hope I find them before the sewalong starts!

  • Ooo, wonderful!
    I am planning on participating in the sew-along, too. I am waffling over whether to make a more conventional version on just go for the waterproof variety.

  • Oh. My. God. This is amazing. Riveting work! And your pictures show it off so well. I’m super inspired and excited to make mine, which I’m pretty sure will be in velveteen.

  • This jacket is really lovely. I love the silhouette, your fabric choice was great too! The Indonesian fabric lining really gives it character:) Love the pattern, love the outcome! you look great

  • I absolutely LOVE this! such a cute jacket and you did a fabulous job!
    xox dana

  • I’m very impressed!! This jacket is perfect!

  • Okay, you sold me! And what a nice hubby to get the perfect zipper. Funny how once you imagine a detail like that, It becomes a necessity.With the gold topstitching, it really is a wining detail!

  • What an adorable jacket!!! All the colours work so great together and you look so cute in it! I also really like the topstitching thread you chose!

  • The jacket looks very well made! Your husband is so sweet to hunt for zippers for you, even though he had no idea what he was looking for 🙂

  • Sue

    Huge compliment. I have pre ordered too. Must haves jacket in my wardrobe now.
    Every choice you made works sooo well together.

  • Bri

    This looks great, the rust colored zippers really do make it, so good on your man for finding them and fabulous batik lining also!

  • It’s gorgeous!! I love the top stitching and the story about your hubby on the hunt for zippers!

  • All the testers that have made this jacket so far have had WONDERFUL reviews. I am going to have to add this to my sewing list.

  • Megan

    You are incredible! The details on this jacket, and their perfect colors, are incredible. You have a fabulous eye for color!

  • Love it! I’m looking forward to the sew-a-long as I’m planning to make a water resistant version as well.

  • I am in awe of your ability to construct garments!! Its awesome!

  • I love the dusty blue color! And the zippers are perfect.

  • It looks fantastic!

  • Rachele

    Great jacket! The fabric choices do totally rock together! I miss Okadaya; I’d never find great zippers like that on the shelves of the crappy fabric store in my town here in Michigan.

    By the way, the outfit you’re wearing under the jacket is adorable too–did you make that as well??

    • verypurpleperson

      Yes Okadaya is great! I can spend all day in there.
      The dress? No I didn’t make it, but the fabric was vintage YSL knit from my mother. A friend of mine made the dress for me as a gift 🙂

  • Looooove it, and the anecdote about your husband and the zippers. Good training for future craft-shopping errands! 😉

    • verypurpleperson

      He said if I need sewing threads, he wouldn’t mind hunting for them too! 😀

  • Soooo perfect! I cannot wait to get my hands on this pattern and have already pre-ordered it. Your time spent on the right notions was definitely worth it. Golden zippers – a dream come true! Your husband is a good zipper-picker! 🙂

    • verypurpleperson

      There were so many choices of zippers in that store! Different sizes and types of teeth etc, so I’m glad that he was able those perfect zippers! 🙂