Month: August 2011

Making tempeh

Now that the summer holiday is over and school has started again, I should have time to sew again! Unfortunately I guess the summer bug has got me, it is so hot in my sewing room upstair that I prefer to stay downstair most of the time. I’m trying to make a dress right now with tie-dye fabric from my mother but the progress is sooooo slow for such a simple dress. Anyway I made something else. The hot temperature is actually perfect for fermentation! So I thought about trying to make my own tempeh. Tempeh is a fermented soy product, […]

Summer vacation 2011

We’re finally home after the vacation in Indonesia! Sidra enjoys meeting people, so he really loved his time there, meeting grandparents and other family members, going to places and seeing interesting things. Our families live in different cities in indonesia, so we had to make several trips by cars and local airplanes to see them, and still there are family members and friends that we didn’t have the time to meet.   After we landed in Jakarta, we spent two days there so Sidra could spend time with his biological father. Then we went to visit my mother in  Jogjakarta, about […]