Pretty lingerie set

Pretty pink lingerie Pretty pink lingerie

Another lingerie set! Nothing really new with them, I use my usual Pin-up girls pattern for the bra in size 30B and Merckwaerdich pattern for the panties. All notions are from Merckwaerdigh at ebay, which is enough to make one bra and two panties.

The lingerie set is made with lycra and stretch lace in very soft rose colour. The pattern is for bra with or without underwires, I use underwires this time and they do make the shape better.

The stretch lace actually has butterfly pattern on it. I use the lace on both upper and lower cup, so the whole cup is transparent. The lower cup is lined and the upper cup has thin elastic across the top so it will ‘grab’ better. I use the scalloped part of the lace on the upper cup and also on the middle of the front band. Here’s a tutorial by Sigrid that I used for attaching the elastic on that part.

Pretty pink lingerie
Lace with butterfly pattern
Pretty pink lingerie
Inside construction
Pretty pink lingerie
Underwire channel
Pretty pink lingerie
Pretty pink lingerie set

This is the set that I’m really satisfied so far. After making several bras, I think I finally got the rhythm and was able to make this one without making too many mistakes. When making bras, you can only see the fit when you’re all done, so it takes several times to find what works best for you. There are hundreds of little things that you can adjust. My first bra is fine and they are now part of my daily wear, but then I feel that I should have cut the elastic for the band a little bit shorter so they will be tighter.

I really love this new set, they look so pretty and delicate. Sorry for no blurry photo to show the fit on me. Since the cups are transparent, it is impossible to take even a blurry picture without looking indecent (-_-;) You just have to believe me that they fit really well!

Bra pattern is Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 from ElingerieA
Panties pattern is Merckwaerdigh Mix30 (bra, pantie, knickers)
Fabrics and notions set is from Merckwaerdigh at ebay.

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  • Caroline

    Oh, silly me… I figured out what the problem is on the panty bottom – I’m not using a two-way stretch fabric. Crash course in underwear-making! Stretch satins and silks (wovens) won’t work as well (but are super traditional). Gosh, the learning-curve is steep.

  • Your lingerie is amazing! I love it, especially the pink and turquoise ones. Do you sell it?

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! I don’t sell them though, the pattern is not mine 🙂

  • Wow, I’m just so impressed by all your lingerie sets!! I’m totally intimidated to start sewing my own lingerie since it looks like so much work with all these details and tiny pieces (not to mention fitting probably…). Great job!! Marlise

  • You are such a clever person, rather than a purple one! This is a lovely set and the practice has paid off well. I’d love to make a set because good quality, pretty bras are very expensive on no income! There are too many things on my list at the moment, so I’ll keep watching your sewing.

  • Very pretty lingerie set. I have just learned to make my own bras. I just bought some bra kits and bra and bathing suit patterns from the Merckwaerdich shop and was delighted to see you had used one of their patterns to make your panties. This motivates me to make some of my own using their pattern.

    • verypurpleperson

      I have their bra pattern as well but haven’t tried them yet, they have lots of pretty styles. The Pin-up Girls pattern is quite basic, but the instructions are very clear and perfect for a beginner like me.
      I just read your last post about the bra workshop, I wish I could find one here! Your bra look very comfortable!

  • Oh I love your lingerie. It is so pretty. Very well done.

  • This looks gorgeous. You’re so talented!

  • I’m so happy to discover your website thanks to “thread and needles”, I love everything you did! I’m just a beginner in sewing chlothes and I know that I’ll come back here to improve with you. Thank you for all!
    Je suis tellement contente de découvrir votre site grâce à “thread and needles”, j’adore tout ce que vous avez fait! Je suis une simple débutante pour ce qui est de coudre des vêtements et je sais que je reviendrai ici pour faire des progrès en votre compagnie. Merci pour tout!

  • wow impeccable finish! the set looks intimidatingly well done!

  • How pretty and feminine! You’ve inspired me to give lingerie a go!

  • Jo

    Wow, that certainly is a pretty lingerie set. Well done – it looks perfect.

  • So beautiful! I really love it.

  • bunny

    these are so lovely! i wish i could wear something so pretty and feminine. i just spent $80 on two bras at one of the only stores i can find that carry my size (38F, yikes!) and they are very plain and boring. i need some heavy-duty support for my girls and this dainty little bra would never work for me even it it was in my size 🙁

    • verypurpleperson

      I saw lots of Pin-up Girls and Merkwaerdigh pattern that are specifically designed for bigger sizes. I think lots of people who make their own bras started because it is hard to find something pretty in their sizes. My size is difficult too because it is small(30B).

      You can make it work by using the right pattern and materials. The cups can be lined with lining that doesn’t stretch yet still transparent, the sides can have short boning, the straps a bit wider etc, different kind of underwires etc. I find all these notions very interesting 🙂

  • Bri

    This lingerie is so beautiful! I love the style & fabric you’ve done such a beautiful job!

  • Love, love, love this set! Your posts are always so inspiring to me!