It’s really springtime

It's a beautiful day
Let's go on a picnic today!
And enjoy the blooming sakura

IMG_0970.JPG IMG_0972.JPG

IMG_0968.JPG IMG_0975.JPG

Happy children

all pictures taken with iPhone using ClassicTOY app.

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  • Alicia

    It must be amazing to spend some time under those beautiful trees!

  • Tesia

    Japan is still beautiful despite the disasters

  • Karen

    Hello, I would have posted sooner, but my internet has been down. I am so excited for the beautiful artwork I received in the mail. You and your family are very generous and I would encourage everyone to donate to some sort of charity for Japan. Again, I would like to thank you, your son and your husband, all of whom are extremely talented!!
    Does your husband have a website for his art. I have had a few inquiries regarding his work.

    • verypurpleperson

      So happy to know that you like them, Karen! I told my husband and son about your comment and they are really happy to know too :)
      Here’s my husband’s drawing blog: He doesn’t post very often though :)

  • Silvia

    Seriously the most beautiful sakura ever! Happy spring day with the family, lovely pictures.

  • Sarah Louise

    Beautiful pictures, especially of the sakura! A picnic is such a nice way to spend time :)

  • design elements

    “beautiful day…don’t let it get away” U2 :-) lovely images!

  • M

    A picnic is a GREAT idea. I think I’ll do this the coming weekend.

  • Fox


  • Lacey

    Those are some beautiful pictures! & Thanks for the app link, going to add it now. I’ve been using instagram & really like that…

  • Emily

    I’m enjoying the cherry blossoms here in new jersey too! It’s really the only tree thats flowering, at least it reminds me that spring is actually here! Last year I was lucky enough to be visiting DC and see the groves of cherry blossoms.

  • Gracie

    I love those pictures!! I wish to be there!

  • Marga

    I am very happy to see these picture! Happiness above all! Enjoying the blessings of live!!! XOX

  • Iveta

    I am so happy for You:)Lovely day, beautiful!

  • nette

    Oh, looks like you had a lovely day! Sakura time is one of my favorites, too! Unfortunately, there aren’t so many here in Germany, but I simply have to take a photo every time I pass a sakura tree. :)