• http://arbolande.blogspot.com Alicia

    It must be amazing to spend some time under those beautiful trees!

  • Tesia

    Japan is still beautiful despite the disasters

  • Karen

    Hello, I would have posted sooner, but my internet has been down. I am so excited for the beautiful artwork I received in the mail. You and your family are very generous and I would encourage everyone to donate to some sort of charity for Japan. Again, I would like to thank you, your son and your husband, all of whom are extremely talented!!
    Does your husband have a website for his art. I have had a few inquiries regarding his work.

    • verypurpleperson

      So happy to know that you like them, Karen! I told my husband and son about your comment and they are really happy to know too :)
      Here’s my husband’s drawing blog: http://nokoala.blogspot.com/ He doesn’t post very often though :)

  • http://redsilvia.wordpress.com Silvia

    Seriously the most beautiful sakura ever! Happy spring day with the family, lovely pictures.

  • http://fortyacrewood.blogspot.com Sarah Louise

    Beautiful pictures, especially of the sakura! A picnic is such a nice way to spend time :)

  • http://design-elements-blog.com/ design elements

    “beautiful day…don’t let it get away” U2 :-) lovely images!

  • M

    A picnic is a GREAT idea. I think I’ll do this the coming weekend.

  • http://www.birchandkristine.blogspot.com Fox


  • http://www.lifeasaschoolhouse.com Lacey

    Those are some beautiful pictures! & Thanks for the app link, going to add it now. I’ve been using instagram & really like that…

  • http://emjean.deviantart.com Emily

    I’m enjoying the cherry blossoms here in new jersey too! It’s really the only tree thats flowering, at least it reminds me that spring is actually here! Last year I was lucky enough to be visiting DC and see the groves of cherry blossoms.

  • http://rey-gato.blogspot.com Gracie

    I love those pictures!! I wish to be there!

  • http://www.margaconde.blogspot.com Marga

    I am very happy to see these picture! Happiness above all! Enjoying the blessings of live!!! XOX

  • http://wonderosa.net Iveta

    I am so happy for You:)Lovely day, beautiful!

  • http://www.nettevivante.blogspot.com nette

    Oh, looks like you had a lovely day! Sakura time is one of my favorites, too! Unfortunately, there aren’t so many here in Germany, but I simply have to take a photo every time I pass a sakura tree. :)

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