Japan Quake Appeal Auction: Jigoku (Hell)


We had three days weekend because of Spring Equinox holiday. Sidra wasn’t feeling well and we were still really not in the mood for going out too much, so we spent the weekend doing things at home.

My husband spent time by finishing his watercolor drawing for the raffle. It depicts a bunny in the process of standing up again after falling.

Not-so-nice-things do happen

This is his blurbs: “May the good karma flows abundantly to those who do, or at least try to do, nice things to others. I don’t even know what karma is. I just think that it is nice if nice things happen to nice people.

The amount of not-so-nice things can be overwhelming. But if I can just try to do one smallest thing that may be nice for others, and somebody can feel just a little bit nicer than before, that would be nice, I think.


He’s a bit weird, I guess. I think what he’s trying to say was that bad things do happen sometimes, but it is a part of life and the least we can do is trying to stand up again.

He also made another drawing, based on one of Sidra’s drawing. Sometime ago, my husband loved to make his interpretation of Sidra’s drawings. Sidra was only 5 years old at the time. As Sidra grew older, his drawings get more complicated and now my husband were inspired again to make an interpretation.

This is something that Sidra drew, the title is Jigoku, it means ‘hell’. I’m not really sure why Sidra picked this theme for his drawing. There are lots of scary monsters in the drawing, you can also see that the big hell monster has a person between its teeth. More detail shots in this post.

Jigoku (Hell)
Jigoku (Hell) by Sidra Putra. colored pencils and watercolor. 38x54 cm (15x21.2 in)

This is my husband’s version. When he finished drawing it, my husband felt that the picture has some kind of dark energy. Maybe it is his feeling of everything that has happened since the quake last week, his anxiety, fear, and worries.

Jigoku (Hell) by Mamad Purbo. watercolor and ink. 21x23 cm (8.2x9 in)

My husband and Sidra are going to auction their drawings together for Japan Quake Appeal. If you like to have both drawings, please go HERE to bid on them. Starting bid is $10 and the winner paid the bid directly to GlobalGiving. I will send it anywhere in the world in protective plastic sleeve rolled in a cardboard tube.



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