Getting back into track

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Most of the blackout schedule had been cancelled because people has helped by conserving the use of electricity. But we finally had our first blackout last week. We put on candles and Sidra played with the flashlight, making funny faces. Then we rolled out the monopoly board and had a game. Sidra only complained that he couldn’t see the rice when we ate dinner, but he concluded that ‘blackout is fun’, and started to ask when we will have blackout again (-_-;)

This week felt like the longest week in my life, something that was shared by many people here. Life is slowly coming back to ‘normal’, although the thought that everything can be gone in just a moment is still lingering in the back of our minds.

I didn’t do any sewing this whole week, and even got my guest post for Once Upon A Thread rescheduled to next week (thank you for the understanding, Katy!). The reason was I didn’t feel like doing anything, and the other was sort of guilty feeling to use electricity while it is needed in other areas. I also looked like a slob all day, dressed in track pants, T-shirt, and old cardigan, ready to run outside when the quake warning started. I looked in the mirror this morning, and noticed my wrinkly pants and uncombed hair. I didn’t like what I saw. This doesn’t do any good for anyone, so I promised myself to start getting back into track.

Pumila Men
Pumila Men's Jeans pattern

Something that get me excited is the Jeans Sew-along next month over at Male Pattern Boldness. I was feeling very brave and bought this men’s jeans pattern from Pumila, a Japanese online pattern shop -without me knowing any Japanese (Google translate to the rescue!). The pattern came without delay a few days ago. It was a nice feeling to see the delivery man standing outside my door, smiling while handing me the pattern package just like any other day before the quake. For some life has ceased to exist, but for the other life is still going on. And that’s what we can do now.

Thank you so much to everyone who has entered my raffle for Japan Quake Appeal! You can also donate directly, here’s one for save the children earthquake and tsunami relief. However, I need to ask you to please not leaving a comment in my raffle post if you don’t want to enter the raffle. Some people are confused on how to enter because many comments don’t have receipt number. It is also to make it easier to draw a random winner later. Hope you understand! m(_ _)m

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