Earthquake today

Sidra today with bosaizukin

A quick news. A big earthquake happened around 3 pm today. I was really scared because I’ve never experienced earthquake that big before. Books were falling off the shelves and the building was shaking. Several aftershocks was coming afterwards.

I went to school to pick Sidra up, the kids were already out in the schoolyard wearing bosaizukin (head protector). Several kids were crying. Sidra was frightened but he was okay.

My husband was at the office when the quake happened. He left the office immediately and went home. The trains and buses have suspended operation so he walked home from Shinjuku, which is very far from our house. He still haven’t reached home at this moment. He sent me email about 2 hours ago but afterwards his phone battery died.

I feel very nervous right now.

Thank you for all the messages! I will update when my husband got home.

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