Month: December 2010

Merii Kurisumasu!

This year is the first time Sidra got presents for Christmas, and they were even properly wrapped and stacked under our mini Christmas tree! Of course all the presents are from me and my husband, as there are only the three of us in the family. I bought small things like socks, slippers, and some Christmas cookies, and my husband bought Playstation game, Little Big Planet, and a red plastic wristwatch. He also made handmade gift cards to be used on Steam, an online game platform. Sidra’s card was worth $15, while my card is exclusively for Zuma game, because […]

Sunny day at the park

Yesterday was a national holiday here in Japan. We went to Kichijoji to take a walk in the Inokashira park and play with guinea pigs in the small zoo. Guinea pigs = kawaii! (*_*)  What a lovely day!

Discovering Blogher

This is a compensated review by BlogHer. I found Blogher several months ago when I did some research to find the best ad network for my blog. You can see now that there’s a Blogher ad on the sidebar with links to featured posts from other blogs. I often clicked the links out of curiosity, and then found out that they were indeed very interesting to read! And while reading the posts, I got to find several new blogs to be added in my RSS reader. I guess those are the first things that attracted me to the Blogher community. […]

Christmas platypuses

Since moving to Tokyo, Sidra has been exposed to Christmas things and activities from friends and school, so it’s only natural that he wants to have Christmas too at home. Last year, I bought him a (very) small Christmas tree that he can decorate at home with those blinking lights and all. He was very happy about it. This year, my husband and I are planning to give him Christmas presents too because he has been asking for them. Actually we don’ usually celebrate Christmas or any other days. The things celebrated in our home are only birthdays and anniversaries. […]

Birthday giveaway winners!

Thank you to the 105 wonderful people who have participated in my birthday giveaway! The giveaway has closed and now it’s time to announce the winners! I used the Random Integer Generator from to pick 4 lucky numbers, and here they are! Congratulations  to carmencitaB, MeikeVanessa, Barbara, and Laurwyn! I will send email to each winner for shipping details. Thank you again to all who has participated and shared wonderful stories and opinion. I enjoyed reading all of them! So many interesting and lovely stories ^_^

Little things

I joined a small cooking class in the neighborhood and they had a Christmas potluck party yesterday. I always got nervous whenever I have to meet people, and this time I had to make something edible for them! The fact that my skill in the kitchen is not something to be proud of didn’t help either. So I spent the whole week getting nervous about it. I ended up making sweet Indonesian (Javanese) dessert called ‘Jenang Grendul’, it is one of my favorite food when I was a kid. This dessert is some kind of sweet porridge with little balls made […]