Month: September 2010

White and purple shirt

I was making a dinosaur plush toy yesterday and just one step away from finishing it, all I need was just some stuffing and a pair of black beads for the eyes. As I didn’t want to go too far to buy supplies, I headed to a thrift store nearby. I was planning to find some broken plush toys that I can cut open to use the stuffing and eyes. Apparently the plan just didn’t work out. It was not that there weren’t any ugly toys in the store, there were plenty of them. But as I looked at those […]

Linen and foxes jacket

Sidra has been growing up so fast this year, all his pants are now too short, even the ones that I made four months ago! Knee-length pants are good (temporary) solution for this, but I should be making some full length pants for cooler weather soon. He also has two jackets that he’s been wearing a lot, and they’re both too short now. It’s time for a new jacket! The pattern is the same as his old jackets, but in one size larger with added lining and all topstitching details omitted. The pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys & girls, this is one […]

Striped T-shirt and tweed pants

A couple of days ago was a national holiday in Japan, but it was raining the whole day so we stayed at home and got kinda bored. I went to my sewing room, trying to find things to do, and found this piece of grey tweed fabric that I bought a long time ago. It was only 50 cm and I had forgotten why I bought it in the first place. I decided to turn it into a pair of pants for Sidra. It was a really simple pants, I use a pattern from R&D.M.Co-boys & girls that I have […]

Tutorial: Side slant pocket

A reader commented on my post ‘Three meters of black linen’ , asking about how I made the side slant pockets for my son’s pants. So this is a tutorial on how I made them. You can also use this method for adult’s clothing by simply changing the dimensions. Making the pockets pattern Trace the front part of the pattern. Draw the slanted opening line of the pocket. Make sure that it is big enough for the hand of the wearer. My example here is for kid’s pants with separate waistband. If the pants has no separate  waistband (i.e: pyjama […]

Nice weekend

Yesterday was a national holiday, so we had three days weekend! Sidra was very happy about it, seeing him so happy reminds me of the school days when a one day off was very appreciated because it meant one day without homeworks and one more night of sleeping late. We went to Kayo‘s place on Saturday. I brought some Indonesian fried chicken that I have cooked meticulously… erm. Actually I’m not a good cook, so I used this magical sachet of instant spice paste to make the chicken. But they taste like homemade! On the other hand, Kayo has prepared […]

Three meters of black linen

I found this black linen in Yuzawaya sale last week, it was discounted pretty big so I bought 3 meters of it. I planned to make two pairs of shorts for my husband since the one he’s been using has already ripped at the seams. Actually he doesn’t mind the (big) rip, but it wasn’t a good sight to my eyes. Unfortunately, I made a mistake when sewing the elastic on the first pair of shorts. Unpicking all those stitches from elasticized waist is a bit too much for me, so I hacked off the shorts and turned it into […]

More embroideries!

My husband continues his journey in embroidery! He began to ask me and Sidra for things to embroider, and Sidra, as a Mario Bros game big fan, immediately asked for an embroidery of Luigi. My husband made a quick sketch on the T-shirt and began to embroider the T-shirt, still using backstitches. He finished it in one day. Look at the face of the happy customer! Now Sidra wants Mario in red on the other side of the T-shirt. After Luigi is finished, my husband wanted to learn other stitches. I taught him to use outline stitch using two strands […]

Bag for Sensei

Since about three months ago, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for my back pain, caused by scoliosis. In Japan, teacher, doctor, therapist are called ‘sensei‘, so that is what we called her. Her office is on the second floor of her house, not very far from our house. My husband, Sidra, and I usually come every Saturday, and Sensei would let Sidra play with her children while my husband stay with me to translate and converse with her. Sensei suggested to change my mattress and pillow with special ones for people with back problem. They were a bit harder than […]

Men’s cropped pants

This is the first time I made a pair of men’s pants! The fabric is delicious black linen that I bought in Swany, Kamakura. The width of the fabric is 145 cm, but there was only 1.1 m left, not enough for a full length pants. Fortunately, my husband is all into cropped pants now, he started to roll up his other pants, so here’s some real cropped pants for him! I use Jochen pattern from Burdastyle, a basic men’s slacks pattern which leaves a lot of room for altering. Since I’m always nervous when making clothes for other people, […]

Dotty Leia dress

I finished the dress! The dress pattern is called Leia, and it is another pattern from Tamanegi Kobo, a Japanese pattern shop. The dress is pretty simple, but sewing the curved lines was quite challenging, so I guess this is not really a project for a beginner. Although the instruction is in Japanese, the diagrams are very clear and I learned some new things about sewing the curved yoke. My ultimate tool was fabric glue, as Yoshimi had used for her Leia dress. It was really fun sewing the curves. Instead of elastic on waist, I sewed several rows of […]