Learning to embroider

Learning to embroider Learning to embroider Learning to embroider

Space Cow
Space Cow

I taught my husband to embroider last weekend, and he really loves it!

For his first project, he made a sketch based on his own illustration, ‘Space Cow’ (whatever it is), and drew it on a tote bag. I made the tote bag sometime ago and it has become my daily grocery bag. It was made from old pillow case, in case that is not pretty obvious.

The embroidery was only consisted of simple backstitches, but my husband seemed pretty amazed at the texture and he couldn’t stop feeling the stitches. There were some bumpy stitches at the beginning but they got smoother as he got used to making it. The project finished very quickly so he didn’t have the chance to get bored of it, and he was very satisfied with the result!

The space cow is of course cute, but I think the sight of my husband on the couch learning to embroider a tote bag is the cutest! ♥_♥

Space cow tote Space cow

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