Blue waves shirts

I bought this cotton fabric in IKEA, it comes ready cut, 150 cm by 3 m. The pattern is called IKEA PS batik, and it is designed by Kazuyo Nomura, a textile designer. So I actually bought a piece of Japanese designer fabric in a Swedish home products retailer in its Tokyo chainstore.

White/blue shirtBlue/white shirt

White/blue shirt White/blue shirt Blue/white shirt Blue/white shirt

The fabric has blue waves on the borders, and I played with them to make a shirt for my husband and a shirt for Sidra. The shirts are similar, but the blue waves are in the opposite places. The patterns are for regular shirts, I changed them a bit to have stand-up collars and side-slits. As an element of surprise, I put one red button on each shirt.

Sewing a men’s shirt is kinda boring. The pieces are so big and the lines are so straight, sometimes I feel lost when sewing those seemingly endless lines. I need darts and ruffles and gathers and curves to keep me focused! I was really tempted to add more details on this shirt, but I feel that a men’s shirt shouldn’t have too many details (otherwise my husband wouldn’t wear it). It should be simple and efficient, so I guess that’s a challenge for me.

Blue/white shirts Blue/white shirts

There was a matsuri (festival) today near our house, so we went there to have a look and take some pictures. My husband and Sidra wore their matching shirts, I wore my matching bloomers too but it was under my dress so (hopefully) nobody noticed. We had some cotton candy, beer, sausage, and yummy butaman (pork bun). There were dancings and taiko performance (Japanese drum). We walked home afterwards, it is always nice taking a walk in summer nights.

Actually I feel that it’s kind of tacky to be seen wearing outfits in the same fabrics together, but the idea is too cute that I just couldn’t resist the temptation. So my husband and Sidra end up having a lot of the same or matching clothes and accessories, and even matching boxer shorts. I guess it’s okay as long as they don’t always wear them together, but Sidra loves the idea of matching outfit. He doesn’t care about having matching outfit with me though. As long as he has matching outfit with Papa, Sidra is happy. It’s a guy thing, I guess.

Shirts and shorts

Men’s shirt pattern is Jakob from Burdastyle

Jacket pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys & girls

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